Paige Patterson, Muhammad, and the Treatment of Women

Paige Patterson, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention, was recently fired by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for advising a rape victim not to report the crime to police. This leads us to ask: What kind of advice would Muhammad give to women facing abuse?

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I’ve made this comment before in reference to the story of the woman whose bruises were greener than her green veil: Bruises only turn green once they have started healing. Therefore, this woman’s bruises were probably much worse than what Aisha even saw.

You didn’t mention woman killings and chicken status of woman in Islam …

No Muslims will watch this video,
Cz they don’t want to know the truth.
I know it’s going to be hurtful for the Muslims but brothers and sisters open your eyes and accept the truth.

Was JESUS (AS) really Crucified???.. Debate Between Pastor Ruknuddin Henry Pio and Dr Zakir Naik ;

No, Colossians does not say that man should not be harsh with his wife. “Skliros”/σκληρός meaning hard, would have been the word if what he wanted to convey was the word harsh.
Having said that, of course man should not be harsh to his wife, you don’t need a verse for that, but he should strive to love her; this is the rule of how man should conduct himself, a rule for all issues: love. BUT, love is not foolish and unjust, not Christian love anyway; God’s love punishes for the purpose of discipline.
In the Greek it says (Col 3:19):
19 Οἱ ἄνδρες ἀγαπᾶτε τὰς γυναῖκας καὶ μὴ πικραίνεσθε πρὸς αὐτάς.
It says that “(you) men should love the women and not be bitter towards them”.
This means that they should forgive them when they repent, but it does not mean to become stupid and allow to be manipulated by them and allow them to raise worldly children; this is why it says that a woman should fear man. It’s all balanced out.

And yes, all honest experienced men will conclude that MOST women’s witness does have “half the value” of that of man in a court, since they always tend to add things and emotions to a report. What judge and jury are not very carefull especially when a woman speaks of an event; today’s women are getting worse by the day.
No, I’m not a muslim, but a born of God Christian. I love the female gender and respect them as all people and creation of God, but a woman is a problematic existence. I don’t know for sure why (maybe cause they’re weaker), but it’s a fact; most people admit this (even women).

Well, no. The God of the Bible uses violence all the time. He is not against violence, but against using it when He is not in agreement with it. A woman that unrepently behaves like a spoiled child and not being submissive to man, since he is her head, should at the right time “be handled” with wisdom, as one would a child. Wise violent discipline used rarely in the home has saved many families, but you never hear that but Satan wants to ruin a family and of course he likes to use his all time favorite: Women. All men know this, even sisters admit this.
The Bible does not say to hit a woman, but it doesn’t say not hit the woman either.
We even see that the Lord “whips” his children for their discipline (the writer had not problem using such a term) but His children are His bride, the Church.
On the other hand, it does clearly say in the Greek (I am Greek) that the woman should fear man. No, not just respect or honor bla bla bla, but clearly to fear man. She should always know in the back of her head who God has annointed in charge; he annointed the courts the army and the police as well and they all use some kind of violence when needed.
There are a great many women that use literal violence against men and psychological violence as well; a wise smack in the face or a good shake down will settle that if you are truely a God fearing man and she is taught that from the beginning, that she will never be allowed to “play” with you. Getting things loud and clear before marriage IS A MUST. But you need to be an upright man for that.
American “christianity” does not like to hear about disobedience, fear, punishment etc. Satan does not like these terms and ideas, so he uses preachers that dont know what they’re talking about to promote a watered down version of Christianity. And this is the mess we’re at.

Quit otherwise that Muslim guy is coming the big dude which controls you and teach you how to talker.
Stop worshipping humans and compare lord with a human fake people .

I know your Zionist and just running Zionistic mental control by their faith
The way you treated your mother and make her suffer which religion teaches you

Gavin Newsom could portray Muhammad, y’all said he was white and Gavin Newsom did lust after his best friend’s wife and fornicated with her.

Very important conversation

I would love to see the look on the faces of the feminasties that are going to feel the truth of Islam one day .:innocent::sunglasses:

David, I’m not a Christian but Iove your videos. I am anti-Islam though! Love from the U.K

Islam is a 7th Century xenophobic war cult.

Foreign non muslim women and children are considered spoils of war - hence the rampant rape in Europe…

Islam is being used by the globalists as an invasion force in Europe after 25 years of globalist manufactured wars in the Mid East.

Islam sees women as nothing more than breeding vessels to create more Muslim soldiers.

To criticize Islam - or mutiny - is a death penalty

To leave Islam - or desertion - is a death penalty

The Imam is the battalion commander - and criticizing him and his interpretation is mutiny…

The mosque is the barracks and psychological conditioning center.

The Koran is a tool of psychological conditioning used to emotionally control Muslims - which is why it is not written in chronological order… it is meant to be cherry picked to elicit the desired emotional response.

Mohammad was a POS , if he ever really existed. And #IslamSucksBalls

How is it that Western Muslims SEE how Islam operates in Islamic Nations, yet deny things like this. Do you guys think the Muslims really do know, or are they ignorant? How can they be ignorant of how heinous Sharia is, IF I KNOW HOW HEINOUS SHARIA IS?

That Muslims would beat their wives, and government doesn’t step in to help these women by ALLOWING Sharia courts, like in the UK, is sinister and anti survival!

Even our Christian leaders are succumbed to Islam.

hallelujah for the work