Pakistan Steps Up Internet Censorship (and YouTube Moves Towards Sharia Compliance)

Facebook is ordering YouTube to ban all videos critical of Islam. YouTube is obeying Pakistan’s demands by banning these videos in Pakistan. As always, all of the main social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) move towards more sharia compliance, not less. David Wood discusses the issue.

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Here are my videos that YouTube banned in Pakistan just today:
The Psychology of Islam 1: - YouTube
The Psychology of Islam 2: - YouTube
Paul vs. Muhammad 6: - YouTube
Paul vs. Muhammad 13: - YouTube
My Favorite Quran Verse: - YouTube
The Village of Apes and Swine: - YouTube
The Ramadan Bombathon: - YouTube

They are all cowards. They don’t want their own population to know that they were genocided and forcefully converted.

Honour killings target boys too. Probably as much or more than girls.

Life without Islam :heart:

OK so I’m going to tell you the truth. His all video are open here and nobody gives a damp about it. In fact nobody knows him. He is just lying that his videoa are banned in pakistan.

I think I should make another google account, and download and upload your blocked videos on YouTube. Will you copyright me?

I’m from Pakistan you are right bro Christian minorities not equall rights in Pakistan

True about all your comments about Pakistan. Admiring your efforts and courage. :slight_smile:

I’m Pakistani even from Baluchistan

Pakistan just can’t seem to keep it’s nose out of other people’s business.
Thank God it got separated from my country.

Nothing will stop Dr David Wood. Keep preaching and exposing the cult of Islam.
I’m from Pakistan and You are my hero.
God bless you abundantly :fist::heart:

The Government of Pakistan is scared that if more Pakistani people are properly educated about Islam and not lied to about it by Imams, the growing # of people who eventually don’t believe will rise up and end the Islamically oppressive government in the country.

Hi david i am from india and want to tell everybody truth behind islam so can you help me out and can share your videos on my you tube channel i am very inspired from you please reply

i am with u love from pakistan

Doesn’t surprise me because Pakistan is governed by some bunch of idiots and terrorists. It includes every one from the prime minister to the last citizen.

If it’s in the Koran why can’t it be quoted??? Why?

Pakistanis should use VPN to access such videos. Screw your Govt. and download VPN.


Lies, lies and lies.
Shouting lies don’t make it truth.