Pakistani Christian Charged with Blasphemy for Facebook Post

Sohail Masih, a Pakistani Christian, has been charged with blasphemy after criticizing Muhammad’s “Night Journey” on Facebook. Sharia blasphemy laws continue to oppress Christians in Muslim-majority Pakistan.

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How weak their God or Prophet has to be that they can’t tolerate the true picture of their prophet and not the other way around?

Please do something for Pakistani Christians internationally.

religion of terror not of peace

In Islamic country and especially pakistan a non muslim and many low caste in Muslims are dead men walking. It’s only countries that recognise non muslim as human are answerable to Muslims from all over the world :pray:

Its dangerous

Doesn’t matter if 99% of audience here is anti-Islamic because I am proud of Islam and :pakistan:

Another excellent and hard hitting video. The only joke bigger than Islam’s “blasphemy” laws is Islam itself.

How the hell do these people defend this religion, your spot on when you say our media support this madness, keep going David.

Logic is not allowed in islam

Sir, can you please give me suggestions on how I can convince my Hindu friends ( I am also a Hindu) about the horrors of Islam so that they don’t straight away reject my argument calling me a bigot or an Islamophobe

We need blasphemy laws which only apply to muslims :rofl:

At least you haven’t succumbed. Continue in the struggle and others will follow and finally change!

Jesus said to his apostles that they have hated me they have persecuted me they are going to hate you and persecute you to
So they are hating us and killing us but they are unaware that only bodies die not the souls , they can’ot do anything thing for our faith in jesus christ son of God
In revelation it is written that who died in the name of jesus christ will be suited in white clothes and stand in the heaven because of there faith and persecution

Totally agree, Acts 4:12

If insulting someone is blasphemy in a religion, they worship him

Despite of so many atrocities, devil arm pit is still not black listed by FATF, and often saved by brotherhood nations.

In the same way I don’t understand why Muslims would choose to live in the west…I don’t understand why a non-muslim would choose to live in Pakistan.

A magic donkey ride lolzs

Children of DEVIL. Doing all evil.