Pakistani College Student Murders Professor for "Anti-Islam" Remarks (Terror in Bahawalpur)

Professor Khalid Hameed, head of the English department at Bahawalpur’s Government Sadiq Egerton College, was recently stabbed to death by BS student Khateeb Hussain for “anti-Islam” remarks, i.e. blasphemy. Oddly enough, we’re not supposed to criticize such attacks, or we’ll be held responsible for the terror attack on the Christchurch mosques. Jihad and Sharia are marching forward. David Wood discusses the issue, which has been reported by Dawn and Reuters.

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To understand jihad, be sure to watch this classic: - YouTube

‘Allegedly’… no, it’s VERY likely it happened.

God bless you, David :pray:t3::latin_cross:

I dont care what you guys think or know but the reality is that terrorists dont have any RELIGION… They just use religion so that their personal interests cant be blamed…Just Like Indian Spy
kulbhushan jadhav did in Pakistan… and India says that Pakistan promotes Terrorism…lol!!! U guys r far away from reality…dont just blame RELIGION to hide your weaknesses and interests…

Well said David. I would love to share this on my Facebook page but fear doing it because the Scottish Government are trying to put a bill through their parliament which could get me 7 years in jail if they succeed. Surprise, surprise the minister who brought this bill forward is a Muslim.

'No ideology has ever used terrorism more successfully than Islam" David Wood.

You are important

Awesome points and straight to the point.
Love your work mate

The world :we have muslims problem
China :hold my beer :joy::joy::joy:

Taking a risk there David. They just may take up your invitation. Best wishes on your debates.

I am from Pakistan and a Muslim. This is shocking for us too. Extremism done from anyside is barbaric. These type of incidents happen because we as Muslims don’t study Islam ourselves rather we blindly follow what our Extremist Mullahs says. Regards

A “BS student”…oh how true!!!

Bangladeshi student Momena Shoma, who plunged a 25cm knife into the neck and shoulder of a man who was housing her in Mill Park, has been jailed for 42 years.

Shoma admitted she was inspired by IS and chose her victim as he napped with his 5 year old daughter because he was vulnerable.

Watch the clip above.
Shoma, then 24, had been in Australia on a student visa for just a week when she attacked Mr Singaravelu in the name of violent jihad, using a 25cm kitchen knife.

The young woman was enrolled in a masters of linguistics at La Trobe University but had been looking to attack someone since arriving in Australia.

She told police she had practised the attack by stabbing a pillow while staying with a different family but chose to attack Mr Singaravelu because he was vulnerable.

Her victim has previously told the Supreme Court he had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder since the attack, took a cocktail of medication and used alcohol to try and forget what happened to him.

“I relive the attack, the look on her face and the blood splattered on the wall,” Mr Singaravelu said in a statement.

The man’s daughter also suffered from PTSD, flashbacks and nightmares.

Shoma is scheduled to be sentenced on Wednesday.

Melbourne Aust 7 news tonight

What a shit ideology masquerading as a religion

This first time I heard about this… well done mainstream news…good Job!
That was sarcasm btw lefties…

A BullShit student…how fitting.

Islam is a cult of evil, a disease. Wake up civilised world or you will be sorry later. Think of the future generations…Inform yourself, read Quaran and see the barbaric teachings

I’m not sure what your trying to say about India here. They’re strictly against terrorism and the ideology behind it. There have been many debates and movies made about it

Thanks for standing up for all of us. You have the courage, lots do not.