Parler CANCELED by Google, Apple, and Amazon

Parler, a pro-free speech alternative to Twitter and Facebook, has been canceled by the combined might of Google, Apple, and Amazon. The message of the tech tyrants is clear: If we don’t submit to them, there’s nowhere else to go. David Wood discusses the issue.

For the New York Times article quoted in this video (“Amazon, Apple and Google Cut Off Parler, an App That Drew Trump Supporters”), click here: Amazon, Apple and Google Cut Off Parler, an App That Drew Trump Supporters - The New York Times

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As of 3:10am (Eastern Time), January 11th, 2021, Parler is down.

Sorry political porn isn’t welcome in a healthy society ….you right wing trolls have been trying to cancel out everyone you don’t like , don’t whine when the buzzards come home to roost …

its ok what happens in the world. i mean look at the modern human. theyre just for nothing better then be ripped off. ok 0.01 percent are ok but at the end of the day. relase the kraken and wait for jesus. i mean its not worth fighting against the world anymore it must come like this. will not share this to nobody. why? nobody gives a shit (at least peps that i know)

Parler is back! Do a search and see! [YouTube doesn’t like the new link to Parler]

Good job Google, Apple and Amazon. “Freedom of speech” has become an excuse for spreading fake news, consipracy theories and misinformation. I bet if Hitler was still alive and had his Twitter account banned, thousands of people would be protesting “Big Tech”. The vast majority of people that get restricted on these platforms promote fake news and harmful ideas. Some people have become spoiled, entitled and immune to facts. They avoid fact checking and just call everything they dont like (and doesn’t fit their delusions or flawed perception of reality) fake news while promoting actual fake news as the “censored truth”. When their speech gets restricted they cry about Big Brother, Orwell bla bla. The Trump Cult is a perfect example.

Yeah, switching platforms, including apple, android platforms and phones, they have simply now become mockingbird state media censor tools about 10 years after everyone switched to them, now they are straight up evil, fascist, totalitarian, communist.

5:54 “feel free to go…” to Gab who has structured themselves accordingly.

So it’s not just me seeing this as revenge of the nerds? I was bullied too but I don’t have tyrannical fantasies. The best revenge really is forgiving and living a full life.

This guy​:sob::joy:

And they are sort of back… :tada::tada:

Obama makes way for his fellow Muslim’s to enter important posts in the government and now they’re on Google, YouTube etc etc controlling contents…

Future generations won’t be wondering how this happened: the thought police will delete everything about this.
We are writing history on THEIR platforms.

Forget future generation wondering how this happened, I’m wondering myself.

Develop an app that is obtained through someone else’s platform and run on someone else’s servers, and then blatantly ignore their warning about ToS violations to the point where they kick you to the curb, and then blameTHEM for it? That’s like renting an apartment, letting your dog shit all over the carpets, and then telling your landlord to pay for it. When you live with someone else, you play by their rules until you can afford to buy your own house.

“To learn who rules over you,simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” Voltaire

This is Racketeering at its worst. Racketeering can produce tons of punitive damages so they will never do it again.

All these stupid scrolling sites use our satellite internet system so maybe they should all be deleted …or pay up…&()

Why arent u still muslim Mohammad hijab answered ur all questions

It’s funny. I intentionally tweeted a thought-provoking tweet against abortion just to see what Twitter would do. Nothing. No warning about violations, no warning of account deletion, no one dissing my tweet, no one even liking it. Then again, not one of my tweets have ever been noticed by anyone on Twitter. That giant is blind, I guess?