Patreon Bans Sargon of Akkad (and Other Topics) LIVE LATE-NIGHT

Vocab Malone and David Wood will be LIVE at 2:00am (Eastern Time) discussing Patreon’s purge of content creators (such as Sargon of Akkad and Robert Spencer), objections to the prison radicalization video, and anything else you want to talk about!

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The same Sargon that advocated for ethnostates in his last debate with Vaush? Good thing he was banned so long ago, then.

Please plan for the possible change as I and many others enjoy and learn from your videos.
Please keep us informed. I will pray as all others should for your continued publications here.
Thank you for your hard work and labors.

Proud boys are not alt-right. It’s the usual branding, and mainstream conservatives are falling for the branding. They’re might be some bad apples in their midst, but their goal was to stand up for western values. They’re not race-based which is part of the definition of alt-right, sort of a synonym for ethnonationalists. That’s not the proud boys thing at all. Yeah, they fight back when antifa attacks first. Maybe they’ve crossed a line from time to time from self-defense into aggression, but in their ideology, they are not a hate group. James Allsup also calls himself a nationalist but not a white nationalist. Branding! Don’t fall for it.

Subhan Allah feel sorry for his kids. And yet he still didnt understand why that is happening to his family…

Didn’t Jesus pray to be shown the way, the truth, and “the light.” Well, “Lucifer,” or the Devil’s name means, “light.”
So, why was Jesus praying to be shown, Lucifer, or The Light???.

Brother David and Brother Vocab: What do the two of you think of this YouTube video? Did either of you know any of this? YouTube link below! :point_down:

I am sure there is something wrong with me because I enjoy your guys too, TOO MUCH. Great since of human a-mid much needed and appreciate information.

You keep mentioning all my favourite people

I wouldn’t even ban you.

Go to 24:50 to skip the transformers talk.

David, all Lauren Southern did was film. If that gets followed to it’s natural conclusion, anyone filming a riot or war is promoting/aiding in it and also has to be blocked. The Southern incident was purely political virtue signaling, as are the most recent rounds. Also, as far as banks and credit cards are concerned, look up Christopher Cantwell, it’s already happening. (Not promoting his ideas, simply pointing to an existing example.)

Why are so many women in the Middle East black dressed

why just talk in a church when you can keep a speech on a big street with a lot of people

You can send live from the church

A fair few would have found this channel through Sargon, I remember him recommending it. I’m thankful for both of you sticking your necks out.

Keep up the great work defending Western values of free speech and free religion. There ought to be ways to push back against Sharia in our own countries - ways that are legal, and which work. One of the first step is, as you are saying, is to resist the Left’s fascist banning of free speech and de-platforming. Our nations, traditions, cultures, and our lives themselves are at risk. If we end up tanking, at least we can go down with dignity.

David, the story about Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi has all but faded from public memory. She is still a prisoner of the country of pakistan, no?
Could you do an update on her situation David? Please? She should not be forgotten. Thank you.

It was good to see Vocab respond to my comment on the live chat :slight_smile: on second thoughts,I should have added a T-Shirty pun lol