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hey David, You called nabeels books dumb, was that sarcastic, sorry could not figure it.

Would you put your talks on DVD so we can support you by buying them and giving them as gifts? (This would also make your info available if you get censored from YouTube.)

Very Dear David. You are the best.:blush:

I’m glad you’re on Patreon my wife and I will be sending some cash your way, keep up the good fight my friend, God bless you David and our Muslim friends!

Nabeel’s Dumb books?

David, you might have noticed that there is an atheist response to an argument againt naturalism you advanced a while back. You might consider responding to it. Why? In my opinion it was simplistic and misconceived - I don’t think you ever claimed nor implied that if naturalism is true it self-destructs (i.e., no ground for our reasoning abilities being realiable beyond what is needed for survival), then theism follows with certainty. Nor did you assume that our reasoning abiliies were perfect, so God exists or whatever. I saw your argument as saying that, “theism has the worldview resources to account for our reasoning abilities, naturalism doesn’t, and since our reasoning abilities are good enough to think about ultimate reality, do science among other things, something like theism is more reasonable / more likely to be true” sort of argument (I got to admit I haven’t put much thought to the argument, but as I undertand it, I find it sound). He liked your caveman sketches, though (who wouldn’t? lol).

If some essential part (or the whole) of that response is as simplistic and misconsiced as I founf it, a straw man or something worse, it’d be nice to see a brutal critique of that response like the ones you have done on Dawkins and Harris.

SO PLEASED you are going to address Naik and Deedat…they have got away with too much for too long!! And they have led astray far too many. I for one will be really looking forward to seeing these two complete actors being demolished…and the TRUTH told out.

God bless you.

do you know what anime your character is from or even his name?

What a guy. Stay there for us, all of us, David. God Bless.

LOLLOL!! Scrooge McDuck!! LOLLOL! And while you swam around in your piles of money, did you talk with a Scottish burr??

Well done brother. God’s grace is sufficient for you.

Where r the videos

Can’t wait for the new videos, David. Keep it up!

I don’t think I’ve commented before, but I just wanted to say I love your videos! Have you ever considered becoming Catholic? We can always use more good media-savvy apologists such as yourself. :slight_smile:

piles of money :blush: atlast a platform /portal to be able to contribute. All genuine subscribers are urged to heavily donate.

I saw an ad before this video

Would anyone know if this is a good set of Hadith to study? The Translation of the Meanings of Sahih Al-Bukhari: Arabic-English (English and Arabic Edition) 1st Edition

Still waiting on a proper reading/study list… PLEASE!