Paul Died as a Martyr; Muhammad Died as a False Prophet (PvM 21)

The Apostle Paul died an honorable death as a martyr. Muhammad died in precisely the way Allah said he would die if he were to fabricate revelations. Hence, Muhammad died a disgraceful death as a false prophet.

This video is the twenty-first comparison in David Wood’s “Paul vs. Muhammad” series. Here’s a link to the playlist: - YouTube

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For more details on the death of Muhammad, be sure to watch “Who Killed Muhammad?”: Who Killed Muhammad? - YouTube

I’m glad to have discovered your channel. St. Paul is referred to as an apostle to the gentiles. With your scholarly unmasking of the false prophet you are proving to be the apostle to the muslims.

God Bless you

So basically, God killed Mohammed in the same way Mohammed claimed He would if he ever fabricated divine revelation? And then on top of that, God let a Jewish woman deliver his fate via a lamb? God definitely has a sense of humour

3:20 :trophy:

Where are your proofs. From any book do you claim that? What are your evidence. At what age Muhammad has died. Who are the companion that died there? No evidence,? Why should believe you? You want me to remove my mind and believe in you blindly :joy::joy:

I really think you are and have honored Nabeels legacy and outreach ministry very well bro

This destroys the entirety of Islam

If the quran is false why would u take its verse to prove mohammed is a false prophet

Luke 6:39 ►

New Living Translation
Then Jesus gave the following illustration: “Can one blind person lead another? Won’t they both fall into a ditch?


Paul was Just a False as Muhammad… in fact Saul / Paul and HIS COVENANT WAS ACTUALLY WARNED ABOUT BY THE MOST HIGH AND JESUS!! Isaiah 28:10-18, Isaiah 29, and John 5:39-44

I have my doubts regarding Islam, but regarding the “cutting of aorta”, David is making a logical fallacy here. Remember, P implies Q does not mean Q implies P.

that’s intense heartburn! God is the Greatest!!

Mohammed the pig

Well done :+1:


Keep your pathetic attempts, you won’t change nothing, cus Islam is growing fast. Keep your lies, cus you can’t stop the truth from spreading

your summation is tremendous. thank you dr wood for your devotion to the truth. be blessed bro