Paul vs. Muhammad: Conclusion (PvM)

After comparing Paul and Muhammad in 25 different ways, what can we conclude? Since Paul is more reliable than Muhammad in every way, it’s simply absurd for Muslims to blame the Apostle Paul for Muhammad’s ignorance and blunders.

This video is the conclusion of David Wood’s “Paul vs. Muhammad” series. Here’s a link to the playlist: - YouTube

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I love your videos David! I, myself raised as a christian but lived a sinful life so i became far from God. A bit more than a yr ago i decided i want to get closer to God. Its so strange because the one who made me quit my sinful life is a muslim boy. We fell in love and we are really serious about our relationship. But there is this problem that he is muslim and im christian. I really wanted/want him to see the truth and accept Jesus in his life so i started to build my relationship with God but i have to admit it, its hard and i still dont know enough. But at the same time i started to research about Islam too so i will have some knowledge about it. I found your channel not long ago and it helps me a lot. (Sometimes hard to understand because my native language is not English but im trying my best) so thank you for your hard work! Keep it up and God bless you :blush:

Just finished watching this series. You are truly the chosen man of God. Your past is so much similar to St Paul himself. David Wood, the apostle to the muslims.

And I get to watch this now ?:star_struck:
Thanks :pray:

How grateful I am to be a Christian :latin_cross:, thank you Jesus for choosing me now it’s me following you forever, I will stand against the world for you my Lord and Savior.

How I pray the whole world can be rescued from false beliefs and hopes.

This was an amazing concept comparing Paul to Muhammad! The subject is deadly serious but I have to confess to laughing out loud at your delivery . Thank you for such an entertaining conviction!

Thanks for this series: recently revisited due to the recent community post.
Likely will revisit again.

Keep up great work like this!


Really loved this series, binge watched the whole thing. God bless you Mr. Wood

Muslim will say you are lying🤣

Brother David wood ,thank you for your hard work,I watched it all and brother wow wow ,only a foul don’t see the thruth
I used to be a Muslim and I’m trying to win my family to Christ and I study all your metrials witch is very helpful.
I live in dearborn Michigan ,I’m 51 years and have left Islam 10 years ago .
Plz keep on shining Jesus light in this dark world,thank you may the bless you and keep you…
I give all the glory to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ :pray::gift_heart:

Paul is not even our main guy! Big time LOL!!!

Loved the series !!!
Great Work !!!

this was the best series ive seen…AWESOME!

WOW… All those things that were ticks for Paul :white_check_mark:… And :x: crosses for Muhummad, were absolutely AMAZING !!!.. :flushed:



Jesus NOT Sin Atoner

In order to get followers from pagan Romans 2000 years ago, Paul mixed & modified some teachings:

  1. A sprinkle of monotheism
  2. Hinduism: incarnation reincarnation of gods become a man.
  3. Pagan Egyptian: Osiris died and rose. Also gods from other myths.
  4. Pagan Near East: sin purification using animal blood.

That’s why Christianity doctrines are much similar to Hinduism and paganism-politheism than its root, Judaism.
The idea of sin purification using blood has pagan origin (not Abraham, Moses, or Jesus’ teaching). In pagan Near East tradition, someone could remove their sins by transferring them to a goat, and then the goat was killed. Paul modified this. He changed animal blood with Jesus’ blood. In the hands of Paul, God become a sadistic, cruel, & bloodthirsty figure, forgiving sins by killing people.
The worst is, good deeds can not remove sins but sin atonement was achieved with the help of sins, that is, Judas’ betrayal and false accusations from Jewish leaders. (How come? It’s against ethic & God sanctity).

Paul created a new syncretic religion that “let” people commit sins. Of course, many people accepted his teachings. They like to drink alcohol, do gambling, pornography, prostitution, get drunk, do illegal business, have free sex/adultery (from school children to married couples), use violence, modern slavery, fraud, child predators, corruption, deceive, sex abuse, human trafficking, etc.
They do that, and Jesus bears their sins.
Is this what you call God’s love, Paul’s version? Making bad people happy but hurting good people? Paul’s idea of sin atonement is a blasphemy, violate humanity & destroy justice. But it’s not a big deal for Paul since he got many followers although his teachings are contrary to Jesus’ real teachings.

God is not cruel & bloodthirsty

In Islam (also Judaism), Allah forgives sins through repentance & human good deeds. The difference is, in Judaism animal blood can also erase small unintentional sins. But not in Islam, because it has pagan origin.
In Christian doctrine, no matter how much a person does good, he will not be able to remove all sins and take him to heaven.
Agree, because the glory & enjoyment of Heaven will not be paid off by anything.
But remember bro, God’s calculations are not the same as human calculations. God is not a moneylender who considers sin as a debt that cannot be paid off and because of that man must be killed so that his sins can be erased. True God is full of grace/blessings, forgives sins not by killing and blood shedding like in Christianity.
In Islam, Allah forgives many sins except atheism (denying God), associate God with others, or worship other gods. Allah gives GRACE/blessings to His people so that they can enter heaven. How do you get blessings from Allah? By repenting and doing good deeds as much as possible. By doing good, a Muslim does not only get rewards and reduce his personal sins, but also can benefit others, even animals and the environment. Example:
Remove thorns, nails, cigarette stubs from the road, work hard, upholding justice, being honest, feeding the poor, be good to parents, give water to stray animals, keep the environment, etc.
Even in wars, Muslims are not allowed to destroy homes, kill animals, & destroy plants.

That is the real Islam.

I just love it…
I wish every Muslims and non-believer like Hindus and other religion watch this and know there true creator their God😇

Q. Who is the world best man?
Google. Prophet Muhammad the greatest man(ﷺ) was born in Saudi Arabia in the city of Makkah about 1400 years ago. Since then the world has not seen the likes of Him in every regard and the study of human history shows that there have been none better than Him before Him as well.