Paul Won Converts Through Peaceful Preaching; Muhammad Used Bribes and Threats (PvM 17)

Paul and Muhammad were amazingly effective in their preaching. But what were the messages that made them effective? Paul’s message focused on Jesus’ resurrection, and how it confirms the Gospel. Muhammad’s message involved bribes and threats.

This video is the seventeenth comparison in David Wood’s “Paul vs. Muhammad” series. Here’s a link to the playlist: - YouTube

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Good ideas don’t require force.

Doesnt war booty mean money at that time and not sex

My muslim friends, we love you but i think its time that you admit that there is something wrong with islam. I think you know it deep down and i think thats why you always flipp out when your religion is challanged. I dont mean to offend you but the truth has to be said. Jesus is THE Way THE Truth and THE Life. I think many of you know it deep down. I think its time to set your pride aside and be honest, something is wrong with islam. Jesus warned us that false prophets will come and preach another gospel. 600 years later muhammad comes and preach another gospel. Doesnt this concern you? Look at Jesus life, what He did, what He said. Perfect and without sin. Look at His death, His last words. Jesus is Lord, He is our Savior. The King of kings. To all of us. Now look at muhammeds life. What he did and said. Completely rotten and full of sin. Look at his death and his last words. People i dont mean to offend you but you gotta wake up. satan is fooling you not us. And i dont say that with pride but thats how it is. Please call uppon Jesus before its to late. Ask Him to touch your heart. We love you in Jesus mighty name.

:joy: I can’t believe the exacts words In sahih al bukhari are “war booty” 1:22

You are an intelligent and factually based man. Great job.

Muhammad the pig of the world.,he would fuck slaves ,dead people,even his own mother,that’s why she left him.

If you care, SHARE. Lots of muslim groups on facebook like “ask a muslim”. Do you part and share it to educate our friends.

Love this series and I love this topic of study. God bless you brother. I will say though, I believe the reason why so many people converted to Christianity in the first century is simply because the gospel was being preached boldly, and God changed the hearts of the people to repent and believe, not so much just evidence. Evidence makes a sound observer acknowledge facts, but the grace of God makes the worst of sinners turn and repent, and become reconciled to God through the message of the cross. I do get what you are saying though. Christianity is the only consistent world view I believe one can have

This has been a fantastic series, thank you David for your efforts! God bless and keep you always!

Echo chamber

Hi David loved your videos. What are the books you use for reference (with regards to the Koran)? I’d like to get copies for myself so I can study the stupidities contained therein. Many thanks in advance.

Good day Mr. Wood… I’ve countered some muslim claiming that Torah and Injil was corrupted/changed… They gave some surah
It was Surah 2:79(1) and Surah 3:78

I read the surah… Well it says about the Jews who manipulate the torah and Surah 3 said about the the book people
Who mumbling preaching the injil

Hi David,please i would like you to make a video on the miracles the Muslims claim their prophet Muhammad did during his life time .

possible the best playlist here

St Paul was self-denying, and didn’t exempt himself from the demands of what he preached.
Mohammed indulged his lusts, and required others to observe rules he exempted himself from. I know which is more like a true apostle & prophet of God. (Not Mo.)

War booty hahahahah

Is it me, or are you ageing backwards?

Jesus said before he was crucified that falseProphets would come in disguised as sheeps while on the inside are ravaging wolves, Muslim brothers is this not the message that Mohammad preaches to spread the word, through violence and the reward of sex by getting 72 virgins…Jesus gave his life willingly so that none may perish but all may have everlasting life…Jesus is the way the truth and the life…Mohammad was a false prophet…you can’t find fault in the teachings and living of Jesus Christ, he spoke of love and forgiveness to the point where he died on the cross…Mohammad raped, stoned, stole, and killed to convert…Jesus said the enemy has come to steal, kill , and destroy…Jesus said I have come so that you may have life and that more abundantly.

There aren’t any virgins in paradise for Muslims. That’s Just propaganda