Peaceful Discussion on Violence in Islam (David Wood & Shaykh Uthman ibn Farooq)

I’m in California with Jon McCray. We headed to Balboa Park for a discussion with Shaykh Uthman ibn Farooq. I wanted to ask a few questions about some of the tracts the One Message Foundation is distributing, but we only got to one tract: “Misconceptions about Islam.”

I haven’t posted in a while, so we started this video with an update. The discussion with Shaykh Uthman about violent passages in the Quran starts at 24:00.

YHVH Bless You

Is Uthman the son of Farooq?
So why should we believe him if he does not believe the son of Kathir ?

What kind of religion that needs some kind of some scholars? Just stupid!!
I know so many people hier in Europe bron in many different islamic countries and I know this religion is shit just a shit.
I had a boyfriend born and grown up in Iraq and now I have a boyfriend born and grown up in Syria and I now that they just kill their family members for leaving Islam or for example sex before marriage or outside it. The man from Iraq left the religion already in Iraq but had to hide because he was afraid to get killed by his cousins, uncles, neighbors etc. The guy I’m with know has left itcas well but here in Germany, but he’s afraid even here to get killed by his work colleges for example, so his hiding it from them.

It’s cool you are willing to post yourself looking foolish. I appreciate the humbleness

this guy is ear cancer man

That was PAINFUL to listen to. It was so hard for David to get a clear answer

Love you both and God bless you :pray:

But Islam is about peace why put someone to death even if they preach something else.

You can see how nervous the Muslim lier is ! David has holly spirit in him …

This man is so full of himself, as only a man ignorant of God can be. Your patience is wonderful, DW.

You’re both great :+1:t2: thanks

Great! Hope you continue to improve David.

@8:08 Yea? well maybe it would not be so easy for him to make you look dumb if you have had actually studied the scriptures that youre speaking of… Just saying.

Nabeel was right about you when he said you like to seek for the truth… you like to ask questions… you like to learn… God Bless You Brother David Wood… Almighty God loves you… :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

The book that is clear. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This “muslim ban” arguement is off a false premise. He never said he wanted to ban muslims. It was a ban of majority muslim countries that support terrorism. Minus Saudi Arabia. Which makes no sense. But regardless. False arguement.

When any muslim start loosing they start reading in Urdu … to show off and as a defence,…

Shaikh mentioned muslim kings in india didn’t convert anyone in islam … thats a biggest lie… before muslim kings there was no muslim in india but now its 30%…