Persecution of Christian Immigrants in Europe

Many Christians flee the Muslim world to escape persecution. Imagine their surprise when they arrive in Europe and find that the persecution continues.

All these Muslims and Arabs she return to Saudi Arabia if they don’t like the western world values. Europe is living Islam to take over.

Omg, I feel like cry by hearing her story. I mean 8 years old girl and being asked questions if brothers and father being circumcised :nauseated_face: calling her infidel, a hoar​:rage: it’s just boil my blood.
I’m ex Muslim proud Christian from Pakistan. Thank God I’m out of the cult of islam.
Thank you sister for sharing and shading light in the darkness.

Stop being cowards people. Name calling is nothing compared to what these people go thru.

whoever thought Islam was peaceful need to listen to this video. when you meet a peaceful muslim, it is because all he can do is to curse you in his heart, and if you think it is not true, then read their book , ask them to smile at you while cursing you in their heart

Persecution of Christians who are native too.

this is the true meaning of martyrdom… persecution for faith…

not the wacky “you don’t believe me?.. i blow up, maybe take a few extra people as souvenirs” attitude of the religion of “peace”

This looks to me like its a fake set up. She’s talking rubbish as theres plenty of Muslim women who dress western dress. But if theres people following her then of course they should be arrested but something doesn’t add up here.

Does Anyone ever think about whar muslim women get in heavan? dudes get 47 virgins whart do the chicks get lol

she is pretty hot. try being a Christian in pakistan it will make her story sounds like a bedtime fairy tale

Brave girl! God bless her!
Remember brothers and sisters, if the world hates you, it’s because it hated Jesus before.

This show how we need to move faster towards shariah. This poor girl would know the rules and not bother the Muslims if shariah was implemented.

Actually only prostitutes covered their faces many years ago, so the question is why do Muslim
women dress like prostitutes.,

islam needs to be “plowed”

facebook → Jomana Jojo Joy

David explains the problem of multiculturalism in a way that is so understanding and he does it so calmly. Some people are so angry in their way of explaining the problem which makes them being looked upon as xenophobic and racist, but David explains it in a way which is so much better for people to understand what we’re actually saying. God bless you, David and God bless all you who are suffering from the curse of multiculturalism.

Did she say Jumana Jojo Joy? I can’t find her page.

ooh let me get the popcorn … “christians persecuted in europe” … this has to be good, i love involuntary satire by stupid

I feel the battle cry ,DEUS VULT!!!

Such evil resulting from ignorant “acceptance” and political correctness. European culture has been poisoned with such vile hatred of Christians. God bless her and her fellow Christians.