Persecution of Christians in India

In its 2020 World Watch List, Open Doors ranked India #10 in the world in terms of religion persecution against Christians. How can India, a country with Hindus, Muslims, and Christians, be ranked higher than Saudi Arabia or Syria? Is the persecution of Indian Christians increasing? Is Hindu Nationalism on the rise under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party? David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) discusses the issues.

To read the report on the global persecution of Christians, visit Open Doors:

For the OpenDoors report on India, click here: World Watch List | Persecution in India | Open Doors USA - Open Doors USA

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Seriously these ratings are shit

I want to bring to your notice that my government BJP(bharitiya janata party) passed a law which favoured easy indian citizenship to Hindus, sikhs, jains, buddhists, zoroastrians and including christians because these people were being persecuted in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. God bless you. Jesus is the king.

As an Indian Hindu, I admit that it’s hard to see people of my faith acting like this, but I appreciate David talking about this. Nobody I know would condone any of this vile behavior. Indian Christians are as Indian as anyone else. As disgusted as I am about the special privilege Islam enjoys on the Psuedoliberal Islamist supporting regressive Left,I’m worried about this right wing inspired vigilante mob justice behavior.
I’d like to give my 2 cents on Hindutva from what I’ve experienced, so here goes.
For the last few years,there has been growing resentment and frustration among Hindus in India regarding the expectations of religious tolerance the world has of us. More and more people feel that Hindus are being held to a double standard where we must accept criticism, caricature and insult towards our beliefs and practices in the name of free speech,but the liberal left ( infiltrated with Islamophiles) and muslims in general class any criticism as hateful bigotry. Comments from people like Pakistani PM are deemed particularly problematic, because from an Indian perspective, what right does Pakistan have to lecture us on religious tolerance when Pakistani muslims lynch,imprison a persecute religious minorities ( not just hindus) with impunity? What moral high ground do they think they’re on? When Iranian students staged a protest on the whole hijab ban ordeal outside the Indian embassy in Tehran,on what ground did they do so? After all,they live in a country that imposes COMPULSORY hijab on women. Do they really have the place to talk about “freedom " to observe hijab? I don’t mean to perpetuate whataboutism,I don’t think the hijab ban was necessary. But the point still stands. These are just 2 of many instances. This is the kind of anger that these Hindutva folks exploit. Coming to Christians. Initially Christians were generally left alone, as the focus was on animosity between Hindus and Muslims. However,with growing reports of conversions, coupled with things like Christian preacher Mohan Lazarus going on record calling Hindu temples " Satan’s strongholds " and Gospel for Asia saying of Hindus " Most of the people are under the bondage of Satan. Please pray that the Lord may break the stronghold of Satan,which has blinded the eyes of many people” triggered a massive retaliatory backlash,in a “fool me once,shame on you,fool me twice shame on me” spirit as this was compared to the way Muslims vilify Hindu beliefs and practices. Do I condone this behavior? Hell no. But like I said,I see how the malignant strand of the Hindutva has taken this matter to the extent of deeming even peaceful Christians and Muslims guilty by association of holding Hindus to this double standard of expecting leniency when criticizing us,but not affording the same courtesy to criticism directed at them. I know Christians don’t usually demonize critics, but you see why people would think so. I’m not justifying Hindutva, just trying to explain the sentiment behind it as best as I can. Good Day to you all.

Thank you David . We will improve india

Christians teach Hindus to read and rise above their caste. We Christians are commanded to love another not hate.

Christians knew what will happen to them expecially at time like this when we are in the end time, i pray that those who had been killed their death won’t be in vain, but received the promise,which those who knew and worship the Lord will get when He comes, i will always remember them in prayers,

Persecution of Christians in India.
If India is declared a Hindu state Christians will become 2nd class citizens in India.
In schools colleges Hindu teachers and Professors are taught to give less marks , recognition and awards to Christian and Muslims while Hindus happily send their children to Christian and Muslim majority countries to study with no fear.

I’m from north eastern india, everything is fine here

Follow your own religions. Agar convert karoge aur apni vichaar dhara dusro par thopoge, tog gaa*d mein batti jala denge. Why only Muslims and Christians believe that only their religions are the truth? If your God is the living God, wat do u think abt our God? Ham kya chutiye baithe hain idhar?

I can’t believe this happened and India is 10th on the list. I totally condemn those acts of persecution. I have been to different places in India, i never felt anything like that. I had Christians in my school and colleges and they were treated equally. But if such things happen, needs to addressed by the Indian government.

Ever seen christians of india, healing liver and kidneys in the name of jesus how pathetic these people are.

The problem is that indians always wants to compare everything with islamic countries. India is like a student who always wants to compare himself with someone who got the lowest score in the whole school instead of comparing himself to the toppers and those doing well. Not sure how that is going to improve thier lives??

Iam indian Christian✝

Zoroastrianism , Jews , Christians , Sikhs , Jains , Buddhists , Hindus and other tribe’s are cool together .
We all have problem with one relegion those Peacefuls .

40000Hindus were uprooted from Christian majority Mizoram in the year 1998Hindus have faced prececution in Christian majority Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh.

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Do you know of Srila Prabhupada who built 108 ISKCON temples outsides of India.?
Maharishi Mahesh yogi and his disciples the Beatles?OSHO Rajneesh and his followers worldwide.
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and many Ashrams in Rishikesh where Caucasians learn yoga,Hinduism,etc??

Brother, i am indian Christian.

All I know is that indians are the best people in the world. And I’m from America.