📷Photos from International Women's Day in Islamic Countries!📷

On March 8th, 2017, women around the world celebrated International Women’s Day (or, alternatively, “A Day Without Women”). As women in the United States marched in defense of Sharia, women in Islamic countries showed their marvelous diversity.

It is so sad
I hope Jesus will open their eyes

wow, a purple one! so diverse!


they’re like ninjas in the desert

That middle eastern music makes me cringe so much. lol Those women look like they belong in another planet.

I guess no need to say cheese for the camera.

I really feel sorry for these women. They look like Ninjas in their black outfits.

Isn’t that called “personal freedom” ?!

cHRISTIANS are jelous cause naked women and striped western women don’t have shliel.d

Compare ortodox chrisitan women and for example Swedish christians, Ortodox wear veil on head when entering church, while Swedish christian women is pastor and lesbian in same time.

the saddest thing…poor beautiful woman, created in the image of God, can’t even give a kiss to a baby whenever. … Did Allah messed up when he was making a man… now he is not powerful enough to fix the problem so the woman needs to cover up…
Thanks to real God who tells us how we can be Victorious over sin, if we believe!

I heard that in honor of International Women’s Day they gave all Muslim a two-fer: Two rapes and two beatings for the price of one. Rejoice! Rejoice!, o women of Islam!

As an observer it looks simply like they are ashamed of being women.

Recently I visited Egypt and I was heart-broken to see women dressed like that. Human beings reduced to objects.

this is charia law countries . and worst still lies ahead.

Very sad

We are gonna need way bigger bags for the feminists…

How would a kid pick out his own mother in a crowd?

So sad. I wonder where are the proclaimed “feminist”…

Happy trashbag day…