Pope Francis Blasts Muhammad! (David Wood)

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Following the recent Charlie Hebdo Massacre in Paris, Pope Francis condemned Muhammad . . . without even realizing it. According to Pope Francis, it is wrong and immoral to insult another person’s religion. Yet history shows that Muhammad and his companions regularly insulted other people’s religion. Hence, the Pope has declared that Muhammad and his companions were immoral! In this video, David Wood discusses some of the ways Muhammad and his followers insulted the pagans of Mecca.

The pot doeth call the kettle black!!!

Pope Francis is the real anti Christ… because pope Francis is always against the Jewish people. and he wants to give part of Israel to it’ s enemies…

Pope Francis is a spineless coward. His predecessors would be ashamed of him. They did their job as and protected western Christendom from Islamic subjugation.

Moral inconsistentcy is at the heart of Islam


Condemning actions is not the same as insulting. “Are you a fucking idiot” is different than saying “You’re wrong to have done that.”

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Dr David Wood: Odd Guys blasts Muhammad



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I’m catholic, and our pope got no balls to speak truth about Islam

Ahahhahahha al tabari is very week hadith tabari in his book he said you have to find out what is right and wrong in my book because we do not know who eyes the witnesses who they what they do in life were the good or bad people we only had names of Them david wood you are stupid than a door

Now I began to justify crusaders.

Prophet Abraham (as) destroyed the idles of his people what you are saying is true because every prophet was sent to eliminate disbelief and established touhid (oneness of God) . You have wronged your self by insulting Abraham.

Brother David, while we are pn this topic can anyone shed light on the name of Muhammad’s father, Abdullah (the servant of Allah). Why is it important? Abullah was a pagan, a servant of his pagan god, allah!

Pope Francis in Argentina, had a very good friend who is a very liberal Iman and that seems to be the Holy Father’s ONLY source on Islam.

Francis is my Pope, but thankfully the Doctrine of Papal Infallibility does NOT extend to this.

The Pope is not as much a scholar on false religions as he is a person in a position instituted by God. The Holy Church does not rely on the capability of popes but rather God the Holy Spirit who uses these popes as priestly overseers or shephards of the Universal Apostolic Church.

Besides, all that the Pope says or teaches has to be examined within the context. To claim whatever the Pope said is a Catholic dogma is very short-sighted and false because it completely ignores the fact that the Pope has to teach ex cathedra for a doctrine to become official dogma of the Universal Church. We must also not forget that the only Pope accepted by all Trinitarian Christians was Peter the Rock who even denied the Lord Jesus Christ not only once or twice but three times even though he had walked with Jesus prior to that and was one of the closest of disciples. Peter was also rebuked by Jesus once for uttering satanic nonsense and another time by Paul for hypocrisy. Yet we believe that whatever Peter wrote or taught is infallible dogma. Just think about it.

Oh and speaking of the actual quote from the Holy Father, he only said that offending, insulting or mocking of other religions is evil. And it is because all of those three arise from sinful pride and hatred which are NOT something a Christian should ever give space for in their heart.

We CAN and SHOULD, however, preach the truth to all people and draw them into the faith. The way this is done matters, though, and mockery, insults and offenses only go so far as make people take defence. If we really LOVE the fellow idolaters (who God wants to save) we will adjust our approach as needed so that it becomes more effective in winning over not just minds but SOULS.

A Christian who wants to win a theological argument for the sake of displaying himself as being on the right side should really examine whether they possess the gift even greater than understanding: love. For without love the head knowledge is worthless. But with true, godly love, the knowledge and wisdom we have are perfected to win over souls for our Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father.

  1. Show muslims that the Bible is not corrupted in Qur’an verses
  2. Show them that even the gospel is accepted by Qur’an which says that allah inspired them
  3. Show them the trinity, claims that jesus is messiah and God
    Result: BOOM! an ex-muslim!