Pope Francis SLAMS the Quran for Promoting Domestic Violence!

Pope Francis recently said in a tweet: “The various forms of ill-treatment that many women suffer are acts of cowardice and a degradation of all humanity.
We must not look the other away. Women who are victims of violence must be protected by society.” Since the Quran promotes wife-beating, do we need to protect Muslim women from the teachings of Muhammad? David Wood discusses the issue.

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What you see is the media and the western media will always show the worst

How Muslim people think :thinking:

Pope Francis is widely regarded as a heretic who promotes modernism and the agenda of anti-Christian secularists, global elitists . Why is David Wood, an “Evangelical” Zionist pseudo-Christian who reject the authority of the Bishop of Rome, quoting him?

القران شر اكبر شر خرج للتاريخ لاني قراته باللغة العربية والحقيقية للقران وعرفت انه شر كبييير وخطر على البشرية يجب التخلص منه :poop:

I have one complains to you that please add subtitles as i can’t understand all of your accent,if you do this it will easy to understand for me or someone else

Bro pope is a coward yes this is coming from an ex catholic

Quaran is so confusing and stupid from what you’re reading to us and also I remember I was used to be friend with this guy who was a Muslim and I read a bit of his Quaran and it just confused me.

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ that has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved.

yesus is human,and hes fake god(fact)

why do you want to overthrow our religion … when we do not disturb your religion

The world sucks, God is great.

Men who beat up their wives under the guise of their religions are cowards … :laughing::laughing::laughing:

The Gospels or even the Torah never taught that men excels over women…For men and women are the same. Woman came from man, thus how can a man be better against his other half???
This is absurd!

Also, I’m pretty sure that the old testament allowed marrying a widow but I am not aware whatsoever whether it was allowed to steal another man’s wife. I think that it is a detestable act, is it not? Is it not in the ten commandments of Musa?

No translate ? Domage…:pensive::pensive:

New Testament have been cited to deny women the right to be priests and pastors for much of its history. One of these is found in 1 Timothy 2:12: I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she is to keep silent.

This is not about Islam its about all women. Christianity track record is worse than any other religion.

idiot media like CNN,BBC,AL-ZAZIRA should work towards humanity…

0:14 Let me tell you a hadith. After the death of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) his youngest wife Aayesha was asked to describe who was prophet Muhammad in one word and she said ‘Walking Quran’. To practice and Apply the verses of Quran in the right way you must see Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). And he never beat her wife or child and always forced not to do that. A real muslim will always follow his way. And if you ask - then why Muslims beat their wife and quote the verses of Quran then I’d suggest to learn about 1. When the aayat was enclosed and 2. When it is permissible. If ISIS kill people in the name of Jihad that doesn’t mean Islam has actually told that. Though there’s a verse containing the line (that most of non believer quote without reading the whole context) The 2nd major sin in Islam is to Kill people for no legitimate reason and this is mentioned a hundred times. Thank you brother :blush: Assalam WaAlaikum

The Pope never ever meant the Qur’an, no way!