Post-Christian Culture (Joe Rogan, Douglas Murray, and G. K. Chesterton)

In a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Joe Rogan and Douglas Murray discussed humanity’s need for religion. When people (or societies) reject Christianity, they have to replace it with something else. We see the results all around us, from the new atheism to the cult of wokeness. This reminds me of something G. K. Chesterton said more than a century ago in “Orthodoxy.”

To watch the video I cited (“Douglas Murray on People’s Need for Religion”), click here: Douglas Murray on People's Need for Religion - YouTube

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Amazing thanks for sharing. God bless your family and you.

At the heart of the ‘modern’ world - yet concealed to almost everyone - is a pagan cult whose slandered, sacrificial lamb is the disowned (‘Affirmative’ Action DOES have consequences), White (Christian), heterosexual male…
Of course, if you’re part of the mob, crying out in ‘pain’ as you stab your victim, you wouldn’t know that.
Virtues gone mad are no longer virtues: they are a species of vice so that, in the modern world, real virtue is (practically) nowhere to be found…

I have been thinking a lot about this topic in the last year or so. It seems that people try to seem virtuous enough to excuse their need for God. As if Christianity is only intended to make people “good” and they’re trying to prove that they can make themselves “good”. Or thinking that they will make it to heaven because they are a “good” person.

It always goes back to the gospel. We’re saved by grace and not our “good” works.

" The road to hell is paved with good intentions that have lost their connections, to and with each other …! " :scream:

David, this is probably your best video yet. And it will still fall on deaf ears

That was freaking awesome :ok_hand:, thank you!

your eye contact to the camera is amazing.

He has books called miracles lol

No we dont look for it lol


As always, top notch, thought provoking, analysis by D. Wood !

Moralistic Therapeutic Humanism?

Yes. I noticed back when I had the idiotic notion of arguing with atheists on social media, how they had a Spiritual belief 9/10. Almost all suggested a naturalism viewpoint but I would look at profiles and see what they were interested in and sure enough there would be some new age enlightenment crap, astrology, or even outright satanic worship. It’s always replaced with another form of religion.

People don’t understand that what they are missing is Jesus and Catholicism.

The woke were described in 1908. History doesn’t repeat, but it definitely rhymes. So true. I’m laughing and crying. Great content as always Mr. Wood.

Yay! Catholicism!


This was eye-opening. Thank you for this.