President Obama and the Munich Mall Massacre (David Wood)

Headline 1: President Barrack Obama insists that things aren’t nearly as bad as Donald Trump claims.
Headline 2: Another mass shooting, this time in Munich, Germany.
Headlines are rarely this ironic. The world is a mess.

Every time he says something the reverse happens!
He should just stick to hold for the rest of the term!

Trumps words do not match reality becaause it is actually far worse than what Trump says, and you Obama are a lying bastard and have been deceiving Americans every time you open your mouth. Truth is you are a globalist Muslim plant that is out to destroy freedom throughout the world. You should have long ago been impeached for treason, but unfortunately Congress contains too many corrupt members not willing to risk their pork-barrel life career positions. Traitors all!!

David, are you voting for Trump? I hope so.

Not necessarily bad timing Mr President… It could be ‘you must believe me Im the President’.

Bloop bloop bloop, guns. Bloop bloop bloop bloop guns bloop. Bloop bloop me me me; I I I, this administration, bloop bloop guns. (And there you have it folks, all that you need to know regarding anything the Idiot in Chief has ever said.)

0bama isn’t worth giving any screen time to

oh David. You rock

i woke up that sunny morning and had a great day

Oh yeah, right, someone with maybe, a ‘mental disorder…’ Okay, so someone just let me know what the effect of Chapter 5 verse 33 being repeated endlessly, on the mind of a young child might be, later on in their life, or maybe, when they ‘have a mental disorder…’ You know, the verse about crucifying Christians and cutting off the hands and the feet on opposing sides of their body. Yeah, THAT verse.

Not to worry though, it was only another one of the five thousand seventy hundred-ty fifty three (made that statistic up, same as the way Muslims do) of those ‘lone wolf’ people with mental disorders. Perhaps if he had have banged his head on the ground ten times instead of five times a day his brain tumor would have gone away (miracle of Allah).

I like your videos, but the Munich shooting hasn’t been directly linked to Islam or ISIS yet.

“Emperor’s New Clothes” WRONG “Obama’s New Clothes”

as much as I dislike Obama and SEVERELY dislike Islam…I have read that there is no evidence that this was radical Islam at work.

I guess we’re not going to let facts get in the way of a good narrative here… Actually, the world today is a generally safer place than has ever been the case throughout the entirety of human history. And yes, there are statistics to back up that claim. Still, it is disturbing that so many RELIGIOUS LUNATICS are causing violence and mayhem around the world… you know, as they are inclined to do for the greater glory of their imaginary gods and such.

Look here is the truth/facts.
Right after the shooting…There were 2300 police men involved, looking for 1-3 men- according to eye-witnesses. Many many videos (smartphone) were released showing 2 DIFFERENT man, shooting with handguns/pistols.

Today(one day after the shooting) police stated it was only 1 man, nothing to so with islam & they found “ego shooter games” in his Apartment.
Truth is the german-police told the media that the people have to stay calm, don’t panic.
It took 4-5 hours 17:00-22:00 until they mentioned the word “islam” in context.

Draw your own conclusions but i am sure^10 the 2(or more) other shooters managed to escape. The police erm erm the 2300 Special Unit guys obviously couldn’t do shit and failed(!). The Media/Goverment/ Police doesn’t want the people to panic so they told this story today and not “we couldn’t find the other two, somehow they managed to escape 2300policemen”. This is German Media in a nutshell. Coverupdontmakethemuslimsmad

That’s not the problem, problem is Trump preaches hate and fear into America making us scared of Muslim people and even to hate them. He may not say these directly but they are implied, just look at his supporters. Our own soldiers are even advised not wear uniform around American street because of a potential strike of Islamic terrorism. America is just scared all in all. I’m sure Obama is directing this statement at the fearful America telling them that America shouldn’t sit around being of afraid of Muslims. He’s basically stating that “Trumps huge idea on extermination of all Muslims” (realistic hyperbole) Isn’t worth the effort of the relatively small damages that are being made by Muslim people. He’s right, Trumps doom-and-gloom doesn’t match reality because Trump makes it look like Muslim have taken over the whole world.

Donald Trump supporter: I sure hope Donald Trump wins because we sure can’t lose another ten states to Muslim people.

Please Help, Obama has gone missing in Fantasyland again where the world is the most peaceful it’s ever been but he has also admitted to constantly talking about mass shootings that have never involved Islam.

I’m sitting here in dartford and for me Obama has been a joke president. WHat will he be known for? HIs rhetoric about change and his rhetoric about every single event that occurs and singing and dancing in the white house-and coming to Britian and trying to tell us how to vote-what a washout-vote Trump the world needs somebody who can cut through political correctness and speak the truth-Trump trump trump Obama!

A vote for Trump is a vote for Zion. These Zionists are not Israel (see Herbert w. Armstrong and British Israelism. The first time the word Jew is mentioned in the Bible, they were at war against Israel. Read your own Bible. Israel was to become a NATION AND A COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS. Jews are not a commonwealth of nations. My friend, read your own Bible, the Zionists are liars–their OCCULT knowledge is what keeps them in power.

No ties to ISIS or terroists. mentality ill who was bullied. just heard.