Pretending to Be Muslims (Quran 9:56-57)

In Surah 9, verses 56-57 of the Quran, we read about people in the early Islamic community who were pretending to be Muslims because they were afraid of being killed by Muslims. But if Islam is a religion of peace, why would anyone need to pretend to be a Muslim out of a concern for personal safety? David Wood and Robert Spencer discuss the issue.

Nice duo

The wolf dressed in sheep clothing!!


I love u mates! Keep going

Islam is a very violent religion that’s the reason why we see bombing everyday in a newspaper front page!

Soo allah has the Joe Biden problem.

Christians cannot see the atrocities of the bible just like Muslims can’t see the atrocities of the Quran. Why? Cognitive dissonance.

Read about the “Mashhadi Jews” or about the jews under the “Muwahhidun”.

Imagine every other nation that didn’t survive to tell its story and now his ancestors live as Muslims


Every Muslim wanted to leave their country to live in a nation where democracy is being practice why is that?

Sounds like the majority of people in Muslim countries today
Not actually Muslims but too scared to admit that they have either left Islam or can’t practice their religion in fear of being persecuted
Sounds just like the overwhelming majority of Muslim countries today

I pray to God that I will never hide my identity in Christ. No going into the closet.

That’s the essence of ‘Islam as a peaceful religion’

Muslims would say those verses refer to fake muslims who pretend to be muslims so they can corrupt the religion

You can’t pretend to be a Muslim. If you are practicing Islam (submission to God) then you are Muslim. Does Islam require belief, or submission to God? If Jesus was a Muslim because he prayed prostrated in the garden of Gethsemane, then I’m positive someone who attends to all five pillars is most definitely practicing Islam and therefore Muslim.

“There must’ve been Islamophobes in the earliest Muslim communities” hahshahahaha RS is funny af.

Bacon a day keeps the islam away​:joy::joy:

In Marawi Philippines before the city was destroyed, one of my crew told me his story about his family not a Muslim how they left the city where he grew up because his cousin had an a disagreement with a muslim in their community.

Great job David and Robert!
عمل عظيمً دافيد و روبرت