Problems with Mormonism (LIVE with Vocab Malone, 7:00pm ET)

David Wood will be LIVE with Vocab Malone at 7:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing Mormonism.

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I agree, Vocab, people have to get away from the silly memes of the LDS. I want to slap people when I hear the usual polygamy, magic underwear, and so on. I think converts from Mormonism are the future of evangelism.

I’ve learned a lot from Mormon Stories Podcasts. Sandra Tanner is an authentic voice. I came across an interesting video by Justin Griffin, who recreated the “crime scene” of Joseph Smith’s death. It’s hotly contested because it implicates Brigham Young.

Joseph Smith (light) Muhamamd (Heavy)

Didn’t an LDS production company produce the series “Chosen”?

Mormons going to the Mid-East? Just great😕 trading one false prophet for another.


The LDS organization, has hundreds of billions of dollars. An acquaintance of mine from Utah had parents that had done very well for themselves. They had paid millions of dollars of tithing over their life time to the church. After they died someone from the church contacted the children and asked if they wanted to donate their families massive estate to the church. They weren’t active anymore so they told the church to fuck off. This story made me sick to my stomach. The church got it’s start with wealth in modern times from embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars from Howard Hughes’ will after he died. It’s a crazy story but it’s true. LDS Inc. is crazy shady and corrupt. They’ll get their come uppins though. Fuck them.

Former mormon here saved by Gods grace… its a freaking cult and i pray that those still in it eventually come to and leave… Christ is calling… Amen🙏

the fact they keep attacking mormonism means they know they are losing.
trinity is false.
and the LDS are restoring the true gospel.

hey, david … you know who sounds more like muhammad than joseph smith ?
a guy who tried to beat someone to death with a hammer … who would that be, david ?

Allah like elohim means God in Arabic. The multiplicity of His Power as a God.

The rlds or church of “christ” ? Still ? The correct innocent man can never be like a God ever ever man is man God is God two different things you can’t touch with daddy that they’re good they were checked all the evil satanic s*** that was done in Nauvoo. But they still hold on to the evils of a b o m fraud which is a satanic lie also with errors and free Masonic luciferian and signs as well as cult shed as well as contradictions and flaws.

My wife wants me to take my kids to a Mormon church for the social reasons, there’s not much going on in Utah for a Christian and their kids, youth groups etc. She has a point but I understand the issues and dangers that she doesn’t think about.

I think jabreeil and moroni colluded with the enemy.

The multiple wives, the claims of Jesus and Lucifer being brothers which is enough to reveal how fake totally false prophet Joseph Smith.
He denies the deity of Christ being God in the flesh, messiah, saviour and God in 3 persons Holy Trinity.
Moroni was the devil who deceived JS.
We were warned of the many false prophets and even if an angel of light comes to us teaching any other gospel than the one Paul and the apostles of Christ preached
They are false and part of anti-christ.
Just like jibreel and the false prophet momo totally deceived.

The book of mormon has covered up and changed the writings of JS.
Like the curse of cain.


Obligatory comment for engagement credit

Let’s try q little accuracy. Haun’s Mill was in Missouri in 1838.
The Nauvoo Expositor printed only one edition in 1845 in Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith was arrested for treason against the State of Illinois when he was killed in a gun battle. Before you belittle treason against a State remember that when John Brown attacked the arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia he was charged with treason against the State of Virginia and hung for that crime. Joseph Smith was in a lot of trouble.

Why would you want to destroy Mormonism? Seems like the Catholic church is more weaker in religious fortitude and that Islam is a more dangerous religion and that we should focus on destroying Islam and refortifying Catholics.