Prophet Muhammad Gets Coronavirus! (Thanks to Adnan Rashid!)

Hey you are not prophet Muhammad your are devil even prophet isa a.s didn’t say to be any prophet

Alleh will not for give you and all muslim will also don’t for give you

One day you will islam power

What is your problem with islam

And what is problem with islam

Plz became muslim your life will became wander ful

Sir plz stop producing islam a bad religion

surah kafiroon, ayah 6 (109:6)

look at it

How is it that Muhammad only died after being poisoned ??? He was doing EVERYTHING he could to catch a disease and die.

Islam is your problem withe Islam

What is your problem withe islam.

David “Deadwood” fantastic tribute to Nabeel, absolute masterpiece :nauseated_face:

Hello everyone,Is that he’s carrying boom during conversation? I’m scare so much to see him threaten him with a big knife :imp:

:rofl::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:this is the most funniest video I have ever seen… prooooofet momo gets coronavirus :crazy_face:

The best catch phrase on YouTube’s Apologetic world " as everybody knows I can’t read".

Question for Mo: Why are there letters at the beginning of each sura since … He Can’t Read?

You guys should include the bloopers at the end of every video. God bless you all.

Are you guys sure that Muhammad were smiling and cute all the time?

I find this Mohammed funnier then the one in the Quran.