Protecting Muslims from Anti-Muslim Bigotry and Violence (David Wood)

The recent wave of anti-Muslim attacks should cause us to ask what we can do to protect Muslims from anti-Muslim bigotry and violence. In this video, David Wood explains how we can protect Muslims from anti-Muslim intolerance.

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I am confused . I don’t know what to do.

Mohammed was the Anointed, of his generation, of The Most High Lord God of All Creation (not Allah). He did not DISCERN his job before acting. He was supposed to return the people to HOLY LAW, the Pentateuch (which has some errors). He thought he would show them what not to do. Everything he did was to teach what NOT to do. He has had to answer to The Most High for not discerning his appointment. All of Islam will answer to the Most High for the evils they portray on this world.
Therefore, I know that the koran, the sira and the hadith have been tampered with, just as the christian bible has been.
The letter “J” did not enter language anywhere that can be found until circa 1349. Therefore, Immanuel, The Anointed of his generation, never heard anyone call him Jesus. His name was Yeshua ben Youyousif ben Nazarati (spelling may be different). When “J” was introduced, wouldn’t it have made more sense to rename him Joshua ben Joseph ben Nazareth? Did the Romans decide this? Who changed the bible and the koran?

Pisslam and Mohammed is always, all about amassing materialistic wealth, sex and expansionism.

Your title is misleading. It should say, “Protecting Muslims from Islam”.

Those were tribes of arabs who were under Islamic protection
Not Christians
And David you’re big deceiver lair misguider

Love watching your videos. Thank you for sharing :fist::heart::pray:

Dont forget the hypocrites basically moderate muslims

I wish this video had a billion views.

Is life for life means muslim for muslim ?

The only religion teaching killing. The world should destroy this religion

Lk 6:26 Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.

Blah blah blah…the face of DAJJALS incarnate…

What a murderous religion!

Christians killed during the WW2 more Christians and Jews than the whole humanity during 1000 year in wars.
What you talk about here is pure hatred.

Recieved a proMuslim ad before this video. Sigh

Though I am not a Christian (nor an Atheist), I love and admire your sharp logic and detailed study of the Muslims’ own religious texts to expose his vileness.

I don’t know how he can say the things he does and not see how bad it reflects on islam?!1

God bless you David, for helping to enlighten us on the real so called religion of Islam and the wanna be haha prophet. yeah the prophet of Satan Mohamed and the evil teachings that are wreaking havoc in our society. God bless your continued work in service to our Lord Jesus

Muhhamads solution for everything is to ‘kill them’! --____–