Proud Muslimah Explains the Logic of Christianity!

A woman who calls herself “Proud Muslimah” posted an imaginary dialogue with a Christian, which she titled, “the logic of Christianity.” It reads:

“Who is God? Jesus
Who is Jesus? the son of God
Who is the father of mankind? Adam
Who is Adam’s father? Jesus (who was ‘born after’ by the way)
Okay, then who created Mary? God
Who is Jesus’s mother? Mary
Does God have a beginning? no
Then what is Christmas? the celebration of Jesus being born
Does god have an end? no
Then did he die on the cross? yes,
Will Jesus be resurrected from the dead? yes
Who will resurrect him? God.”

Let’s take a closer look at this fake dialogue to see if we can spot the fallacies.

Well in the trinity it say the father,son and holy spirit is god so hence jesus was not born from virgin mary,he was the father of adam,Christmas never existed,and he was never crucified since jesus is god debunked under a minute

Without lies, Islam dies.

She got a point though

Quran 19:19 the holy son of God…Jesus christ is Lord and savior the light of the world :earth_americas:


Stupid abdooli doesn’t understand basic theology about Christianity.
“Who will resurrect him?”
He himself resurrected himself.

Genius woman even Zakir naik is not even close to her

Fact 1: Zakir Naik never loses an argument because he evades debates and even if he does accept a challenge, it’s against someone who is inexperienced. True or false? Fact 2: Naik gets humiliated soon

Just from the title i find this funny😂 about to watch it

God is very logical
Yet his Logic is
Proverbs 9:10

King James Version

10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

We lack common sense, not following Jesus
It’s really that simple

Logic is the science of drawing inferences on subjects or could be thought of as a way to think correctly
God seems illogical at times
Because we " don’t think it makes sense"
That is his judgements
But using common sense, we can infer
God always has our best interests at heart
And we have faith knowing he’s perfect
To trust his wisdom, his prudence
His guidance is never wrong ( that is sound reasoning based on our faith in him)
Yes there are people who don’t believe in our God Jesus Christ or that he makes mistakes ?
But think of how insane that is! You claim to atleast be open minded enough that God exists but he could be still weak enough to make a mistake!
Even Jesus used faith to create!
Without faith it is impossible to please, since God himself had to have faith
So God never does 1+1=14
That will always be incorrect
God doesnt make square circles

This is what happens to females born into the religion of peace.

It should have been called “Using Islamic logic to interpret Christian logic.”

Your answer only presents more problems

yeah right nigga

This reminds me of Bertrand Russell’s book “Why I Am Not A Christian”. In the very beginning of the book he sets up a straw Christian and then proceeds to knock him down. He lied about what true Christianity is in order to make it easy for him to disprove the straw religion.

As a university instructor in Saudi Arabia they want me to teach critical thinking I just laugh.

No Muslimah should EVER say anything towards Christianity as far as Her religion is concerned she’s Just a field for plowing…. Better yet she needs a man to co-sign the tweet she sent out for it to even be recognized…. I don’t understand how women can proudly say they are Muslim

Thank you David

muslim talks to her mother in phone.

who were you talking to? my mother!
is your mother a cellphone? of course not!
is mobile phone a human? no!

Then why do you say it’s your mother even though it’s only a cellphone?
muslim: ??? can not answer!!