Psychological Healing? A Short Testimony on Christianity and the Mind

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Raul Reis of calvary chapel is another example of a very disturbed man healed by Jesus and mike macintosh also.
Thanks for your testimonies guys

Ex Muslim from Pakistan.
David You’re an inspiration and you are right. Your testimony touched my heart and mind. Thank you!
Unbelievable after all those degrees they call you mental health issues? They are just mad and jealous because you are one of the most intelligent Christian scholar.
God bless you abundantly :fist::heart:

Mark’s testimony is awesome, does he have a book or a blog link to his testimony?

I don’t think you were a sociopath. I think you were a extremely broken angry kid full of hate void of God. People label things too easily. The Lord changes our hearts . He is the ultimate heart surgeon .

Look what accepting Jesus has done to David’s life. Finding the truth has helped him so much

My faith in Jesus didn’t magically cure my depression and suicidal thoughts, but it’s Jesus his love that has kept me alive the last 11 years. I thank Him for every day that I get. No medication or therapist can give you what God gives you. But I fully agree, if you need help, in Jesus his name please get help. I have never done that at the peak of my worst episodes, today I still wonder why cuz it’s the stupidest thing in the world.

Medication is most certainly a useful tool some people need temporarily or long term but it’s just ignorant for an atheist to dismiss the psychological healing of David, Mark, and countless others that which result from their conversion experiences. Completely setting aside any spiritual aspect to the healing (as an atheist would dismiss it as imaginary magical voodoo), the experiences described by David and Mark are extremely common and well documented, and not just limited to Christianity (though more common in Christianity than other religions), and completely in line with Jungian psychology: it provides clarity, meaning, and purpose, to find one’s place within a greater narrative, and submit oneself to confinements and demands placed upon you by that narrative.

you are a real trophy for our Lord David,

Christ healed my alcohol addiction. I drank heavily every weekend for seven years. I thought I would never be happy without alcohol, which is what caused my often intense cravings. One day when I realised what I was doing, I prayed hard to Christ and you know what? The next day it was gone. It was just gone. No cravings, nothing. I’m free of this sin and I’m more joyful and healthier than ever before!

No man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.

I totally agree with Broken Soul… they have no other means of striking out to try to discredit you.
They called Jesus crazy (Mk 3:21, ), when that didn’t work, they called him a witch (Mat 12:24).

They called Paul crazy too (act 26:24). They called the disciples drunkards (act 2:13)

You cannot stop pigs from grunting, snakes from hissing and liars from lying.

Psychology and the church (Pt. 1-6)-The Berean call
Jesus Christ
John Gamble


Hey David
Can you prove that the Bible hasn’t been corrupted by the people after the authors of the gospel died?


Who else comes to David’s videos page every day to see if there is something new released? It’s been over a week and I really need a hit.

Brother David. Thank you for your ministry…
Love from India