Psychological Healing? A Short Testimony on Christianity and the Mind

Hey! Aren’t you the crossed dresser diagnosed psychopath?? BWUHAHAHAHAHA! ‘WOOD’…

David have you seen this crap. I think it’s so stupid the way this jerk portrays your debate.BEST BITS: MOHAMMED HIJAB VS DAVID WOOD DEBATE - YouTube

David, can you make a special to debunk this book?
“16 Crucified Saviours” by Kersey Graves.
Please debunk and destroy this book with knowledge and facts.

Alot of false teachers, are leading a lot of people astray from Christ, using this old book.
We need a good debunk, and who can do it better than you!
David Wood, we need your God given talent here!!

Medication would make you worse. Good onya for finding a way to do it without drugs. DSM and psychiatry are also a religion, as corrupt as Islam, and possibly causing as much harm. Read Robert Whitaker, “Anatomy of an Epidemic” for more information. The drugs cause chronicity, the diagnoses cause people to give up their lives and surrender to psychiatry.

Has David written any books on Islam?

David is everything ok? I hope you and your family are all safe and well.

Does any one know the verse in the Quran that says when in the majority Muslims should abide by the law of the land that they are in…please

Hi David recently in Sri Lanka there has been retaliation against Muslims after the attack not from Christians but none Christians. I think we should pray for the Muslims in Sri Lanka that God protects them and that they too will be in peace.

No Ramadan Bombathon stuff this year?

Well isn’t that just special! :triumph:
What about those of us who have been praying for healing for DECADES with nothing!?!?

UK is doomed.

Mr.Woods, you been quiet for a week ,or is my YouTube feed gone fuey. God bless sir, happy Tuesday.

Dear David,

God bless you.
I’ve just come across your channel and watched some of your videos.
Thank you for sharing.

I just wanted to share something unrelated, in case you haven’t heard about it.

As I’m sure you know, Jesus said the generation which saw the fig tree become tender and sprout leaves wouldn’t pass away until the end times happened (and he describes people disappearing = the Rapture).

Psalm 90 says a generation is 70 years.

Many people interpret the fig tree becoming tender as Israel being reborn as a nation (which happened on 14 May 1948).
Israel is now 70.

Tomorrow Israel becomes 71.

I’m not saying the Rapture is definitely going to happen tonight/tomorrow.

But on top of how the Ezekiel 38/39 war prophecy seems to be being lined up/fulfilled, I do believe the Rapture is imminent.

Just wanted to share.

God bless you!

doooood when is your next video - need my fix

Praise the Lord. May the Lord always be with you and bless you mark.

Hooked on Jesus :+1:

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Dude, where are you??? :flushed:

A question: Why did Mohammad steal so much from the Torah? How and why did Mohammad know so much about what the Torah says to steal from it? He must have read the Torah multiple times to have stole its info. How did he know so much about the Torah?