Psychology, Bias, and Transformation: Paul vs. Muhammad (PvM 12)

Muhammad’s childhood experiences left him with some psychological predispositions, and these predispositions made certain beliefs and practices seem more appealing than others. When the beliefs and practices of seventh-century Arabia are filtered through Muhammad’s psychological framework, we get Islam.

Paul’s message, by contrast, required a radical transformation—something that shook him out of his previous view of Jesus and brought him into line with what Jesus’ followers were already saying.

This video is the twelfth comparison in David Wood’s “Paul vs. Muhammad” series. Here’s a link to the playlist: - YouTube

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I completely agree with this video, Islam is simply a re-hash of Judaism, Christianity and Paganism, I cover this in my research and videos, be sure to check it out, as an Arabic scholar and academic, I use Islamic sources to expose Islam using their own sources.

As for me muhamad islam is a kopicat of every religion in the world,muhammad had copied a bit of every religion n made it into one relogion,islam.

Dr Wood, thank you so much for your hard work (7 years of work); excellent education for the truth seekers.

You forgot to add satan misleading Muhammad in the picture.

One of the best breakdowns I’ve seen and a must see for Christian apologists or any follower of Jesus. God bless David.

Good Lord! Now, this one fills me with pity rather than Hate for Muhammad(which I had before).

David I know this is a three-year-old video but I’ve been meaning to ask this and I’ll copy paste this question on a newer video but what were the Muslims islamics like before Muhammad came on the scene?

Paul: If you can’t beat them, join them.

When every thing gets destroyed, why are Muslims still believing and defending Mohammad.

You are just imitating your predessors. The answer for theses are given before a long time

Muhammad was an Idiot

Thank you! :+1:

Dear David , I suggest to read about mohammed how he’s born and how been his father been chosen by his mom , hint hint , he’s born 4 years after his father died :thinking::thinking::thinking: and his mom chose who the father was !!! And mohammed is not his real name !! sala’am his real name

True my brother…:clap:t2::clap:t2:

When all the “Syrian” refugees took over my city I had no deeper knowledge of Islam but my thoughts was that it’s like a religion and language and culture that is created to be the opposite from Christianity…like a little child created it to rebel…that he just did everything in the opposite just to be different…:thinking:

Paul is Muhammad… Paul’s lost years in Arabia …Paul is not apostle… Mattias is 12th…acts:1

God bless Dr David wood​:fist::heart:

Well Jesus rules and Mohammed druels and ended up with his Vergens but oops they were men of sin and Paul well he doing fine and his Onesemus is very profitable to in umuns this the holy ghost was bourn and a new Christian movement was made halaluyu good ways are great for he is and will always be glourios unto are heavenly father he also cool to yes he just a good natured fun to hang with keep the 10 commands and he shall hold your hand prase the Lord for heven is crackalackin witch mean great ye old hipacrits amen if you don’t believe it God always has witness be good jugment prove me Rong lolahhh yahuwa and now his worst hate is ba,hlam teaching or doings holy ghost says the truth shall set you free amen