Q&A: Navigating the Hadith (David Wood)

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This video is for people who are having difficulty finding hadiths.

Enemy of Allah you have 0, I repeat 0 right to talk about Islam and this beautiful area of science (hadith)

I search using the “H🤣ly” words. I always get it.

Thank you!

Islam is a lie. There is no prophet, allah, or 7 heavens. No virgins for you ya pervert. PBUG!

If I search a problematic hadith here in Albania, they just aren’t there.
Here they hide those hadith


criticizing any religion is hard to get through the minds of majority, only few are open minded, educated, and smart enough.
your situation is much harder, Islam is no different than any religion on how hard it is to get through, but it’s harder when your name is David (Jewish name), and you actually look like a nerdy Jew.
it’s like having a guy who looks like Stalin, is named (Vladimir Castro), and is criticizing Capitalism, one become mentally way more rejecting for his views that way.
anyway, keep the good work, the few you will help see the light out of religion is good enough for now :slight_smile:

45:6) These are Allah’s verses that We narrate to you in Truth. In what kind of discourse after Allah and His verses will they, then, believe?8

answer the question

The Qur’an is a book revealed by God that does not resemble hadiths at all.
Nobody can come up with the Qur’an, as for hadiths, they can

Wasn’t it sufficient for them? We sent down the book to you, and it would be recited to them?
Answer this question also if you can

14:1 “Alif, Lam, Ra. [This is] the Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that you might bring mankind out of darknesses into the light by permission of their Lord - to the path of the Exalted in Might, the Praiseworthy “- Ponder and reflect on the verse … the verse is clear and crystal clear … and it means that the exit of people from darkness to light and then to the straight path is exclusively by the book. … and people leaving the darkness to the light and then to the straight path is the highest goal, so if the servant attains that, what is our need for the prophetic Sunnah?

Fear God and may God teach you
Is piety scientific testimony or inside the heart?
Answer if you can
And if he was surprised, then he was surprised by their saying

I do not attack you, but I bemoan you association the Sunnah with the Book and I invite you to the religion of Abraham, to be honest, and he was not among the polytheists
If I tell you that prayer, zakat and all acts of worship are present in the Qur’an, then what is our need for the Sunnah?! …
Do not be from those whom God said:
(42:21) “Do they have any associates (of Allah) who have laid down for them a way pertaining to faith which Allah did not sanction?”
Do not associate with God unless God has revealed authority,
And do not answer me with a demonic answer, such as those who say: Obey God and obey the Messenger, evidence of the existence of the Prophet’s Sunnah. This is a vague answer and the Qur’an is clear and not vague. Sincerely review yourself, you will find the right path with the help of ALLAH

Incest in Christianity, David, you will not be able to reply: - The Bible requires a woman to marry her husband’s brother if her husband dies !!
The writer of Deuteronomy says [25: 5-10]:

"If housing brothers together and died one of them and has no son do not insist the dead woman out of a foreign man. Her husband’s brother enters it and take to himself a wife and perform the duty of my husband’s brother. The eldest, who shall bear the name of the deceased brother, lest he blotted his name from Israel.« If not satisfied the man to take his brother’s wife stepping up his brother’s wife to the door to the elders, and say: my husband’s brother refused to evaluate his brother a name in Israel. he did not want to perform the duty of my husband’s brother. should make him the elders of his city and speak with him. If he persists, and said: do not satisfied that taken by advancing a woman his brother to him in front of the eyes of the elders, and take off his shoe from his foot and spit in his face and says: so does the man who does not build his brother’s house. Israel alleges his name in the house soled dethroned. " (Transla

With this technology we have, we need someone to build a app (program) similar to the esword or my sword bible app, where everything is inside and we can compare and search and whatnot accordingly.

The bunch of hadith is product of recycled lies & deceptions for centuries. That is a lot of bullshits varing in false interpretations & contradictions! Not any one of these contains truth! What can one expect from the well of hoaxes if the centuries!?

Another trick I’ve used in University is looking up PDFs. I have been able to find Sahih Al-Bukhari, and Sunan Abu-Dawud, for instance, with no problem. If the reference David gives isn’t for the exact same Hadith it seems to be in my edition, I will just look for some keywords that are pertinent to the passage, and in popular volumes, I can find the Hadith I’m looking for with relative ease.

could you tell me the "religious’ books and authors you have about islam like the quran and sahi muslim etc.?

How prophet Mohamed managed to give all these Hadith while was fighting , having sex even he started his satanic mission later in life ?

Does anyone know which website David uses to get these hadiths? I want the same site he uses

David u dont know nothing about Islam ,I pray that Allah almighty gave u hidaya (true information)

Yes they intentionally did that to confuse us but no matter what we will still navigate. The truth is the real life of Muhammad is appalling.

Islam - how to confuse your followers and keep them from discovering the facts.

You lost me! How do Muslims get this. Or don’t. How did ISIS get all the cruelty out of it When it’s so hidden for most of the Muslims. Thank God for that. Please let it stay that wat or we have a major problem.