Quick Question for All Viewers [ANSWER AND VOTE!]

Here’s a quick question about moving forward.


I’m LIVE with Robert Spencer:

Not a fan of ads generally but I like the idea even less for Christian ministry. Why do you need more content anyway - it is quality that counts and you have enough quality to set people free from Islam as it is.
If you want to grow your ministry and are worried about money then read up on James Hudson Taylor or George Mueller. They will show you the way forward.

I don’t mind ads! You’re awesome!

I don’t mind the ads, if YOU don’t mind having some ads. I know you will choose the proper ones. God bless! In addition, if it helps your programming, it all right with me. God bless.

I love your videos. I will also sponsor your videos. I think you have one of the best programs!

Go with the sponsors. There are more advantages that comes with that 30 seconds ad such as: finances, a crew so you can focus on research and content while the crew is editing… plus growth is good in subscriber’s number, physically, spiritually and even financially. But I trust God and you that it will not cause internal issues. Blessings!

Go grow and be like Ben

Less content more quality

Less content, more quality

More money more content more knowledge less Islam

Go for it.

You should not monetize your religious content and you should monetize your other content. The break in the flow would be a lot less distracting if you were talking about big Tech censorship for example then trying to make a case for Christianity vs Islam. But I think you should receive payment for your hard work

as long as GOD is OUR TREASURE , as long as the world’s treasure doesn’t become a obstacle for spreading the good news of GOD, (after all we 've to take care of the family which is given by god.)


David Start of the video or the ending of the whole video is fine it will not distract much the viewers i guess

Go for it and just pray about it

Brother there would be nothing wrong with it just remember that they can subtly creep in and influence you if you aren’t diligent

Some of the channels I watch, ie JP Sears, Conduct their own sponsor commercial at the end of his content. If this is something you don’t want to do, can control if the add appears at the beginning before your content starts?

Ads, and you can hire me for your videos