Quick Update! (New Series, Merch, Livestreams)

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This is a quick update on what I’ve been doing this month. Back to videos tomorrow!

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Amazing Man of God. Bless you David, and your family.

Can you explain Revelations Chapter 9:3
Locusts - arov or avorim, the same root word for Arabs or Araveem in Hebrew.
9:11 Avaddom is that Allah the head of the bottomless pit as Abaddon and Apollyon mean destroying or in bondage and or destruction. This in relation perhaps to on of the 99 :beautiful names of Allah, the mak of the beast system, is the 62nd name of Al-Mumit, or the one that can destroy.

Clone yourself. Twice the work, half the time.

Tasha must be the black sheep in the family!

David did you ever see this from an 80’s Canadian TV show: Farm Film Report -- Meryl Streep - YouTube

Muhammad finds an Infiniti stone :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What’s your Minds account? I can’t find a link to it.

This youtube channel is like your HEART and the videos you post like your HEARTBEAT! No wonder the irregular ECG caused panic.

Here’s my suggestion for the title of this series:

Muhammad meets and kills major figures.

Your assertion about Mohammed are true, but you are even dumber for believing in Christ and shit like holy trinity. All these abrahamic religion are the same story, but with different version. Or same shit and different colours.

As always awesome video​:clap::clap:.Interview with Imam Tawhidi was great and enjoyed ,learn alot​:+1::+1:.God Bless and Protects you, family and your Ministry :pray::pray::pray:.

Warning. The sheep image on the shirt is the intellectual property of Aardman Studios, UK. It is Shaun the Sheep.
Remember, most pictures on the Internet are protected under copyright and other intellectual property laws, even in the image does not clearly mark such.
I recommend looking for a clearly labeled, public domain or creative commons released artwork.

You could make a short video of Muhammad meeting Aysha or any other wife, or maybe Muhammad meeting Christ, that would be interesting!

Name for new series. “Polish the mirror” . After watching some of Davids brutally honest videos I felt a bit sorry for the Muslims. But thinking about Davids ministry I think he polishes the Islamic ideology mirror in order for Muslims to see themselves and what they believe in much clearer, and so the “mirror” is polished with every video that is uploaded. Be blessed David.

You’ve nailed the merch market, I approve 100%!!! The sheep tshirt is especially perfect. - Rachel
Romans 8:31 - Rachel

Mohammad: Meet and Greet

How about “Mohammad Blows” as a title?

How about making a video about Mohammad meeting Pope Francis?