Quick Update

I wanted to post this quick update as we’re heading to the Westminster Conference on Science and Faith in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania: Darwin Devolves: The Failure of Chance Tickets, Fri, Apr 5, 2019 at 6:30 PM | Eventbrite

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Thank you David…I am a born Christian and I had never taken our religion seriously until I started watching your Videos…I thank my Muslim friends who show us how to take one’s religion seriously…you inspire me to build my heart to suffer for Our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ…I remember you always keep saying that the only way to stop you is chopping off your head…I feel a strong urge of Holy Spirit in me to be a strong Christian just like you…your brother in christ from India

David, I like your videos as you speak with proofs. I am a seeker and just plainly follow truth wherever it leads me. I have a question for you-

I discovered that Muhammad who was a pedophile and mass murderer had epileptic visions and revelations from Allah which only benefited him. So he and his followers abuse women and minor girls in every possible way. Likewise, Warren Jeffs, an FLDS Prophet also had similar revelations after which he sexually exploited several minor girls. He is in prison but his orders are still followed by Mormon Christians from the jail. My question to you is - Do you think that these 2 cases could be related?

Glad for the update but had to grin the little boy taking a nap is totally zoned out dont think anything is waking that little guy

I watched the video before this one. I did not realized he played himself and his friend. he did a good job at both.

Fear Allah for this life is not eternal and you will be returned to him whether you like it or not. This is your time to repent before it is way too late for you, I am just saying let go of your ego and your fame for the wrong reasons and say “La Ila ha Ila Allah Muhammad Rasool Allah” and testify it so you might save your self and your kin from the fire of hell. Don’t listen to the whispers of Shaitaan, he misguides and leads people Astray, I am a sinner to but I do not rebel against Allah, that is worst you can do, and remember Allah holds to keys to Paradise and He created hell for every arrogant soul, for everyone who disbelieves and for everyone who associates partners with him. Time is running out take heed.

God bless you Dave.
We love you

Aww David you weren’t far from me in southern Pa. Thanks for everything you’re doing! God bless you!

In this video: Antichrist Identified! - YouTube
The Antichrist Irrefutably Identified!

you have mentioned several times to download your videos and post them to our own youtube channel to mitigate youtube censorship. Sorry, but I do NOT see a way to download videos.

It’s nice finding other people who walk with Christ.

Dear David i just saw the debate with Mohammed Hijab. What I understand that that is the one way debate where Muslims will always wins because it meant to be that way. They will not allow any true criticism about them. They hate it. I wish in this life time i can personally meet with you and get some knowledge. I am watching every video of yours for knowledge. Wish you all the best. May God bless you and your family. From Bangladesh

I was Catholic till age 15 then became sunni salafi Muslim for 16 years I’m 32 now and got saved in this past July. A friend told me to watch ur stuff at the time me being Muslim I didn’t like u or your vids . I did see some errors about Islam . But now we are brothers in Christ :latin_cross:


Love it bro

i am from brazil, and i just subscribbed to your channel, good luck.

Hello David, really enjoy your work and dedication! Could you please answer this comment or anyone else? I want to know if you have a video on the best way to expose Islam to a Muslim, or the best way to go about it? I live in a country full of muslims who know nothing about Islam and just recite endlessly prayers in arabic, when they don’t even understand what it means… would really like to do something about that and save as many souls as possible from this evil doctrine. Once again thanks, and may Christ bless you and your family! Stay strong and keep up the good work!

Didn’t Mohammad hijab annihilate your ego? Why are you still here?


Dave. Please watch this video.Thank you “Let My Prayer Arise”