Quran and Science: Are Stars Missiles That Allah Shoots at Demons?

According to the Quran (37:6-10; 67:5), stars are missiles that Allah uses to shoot at demons when they try to sneak into heaven. When you see a shooting star, it’s because a demon overheard some valuable information, and Allah hurled a star at the demon. Since Muslims claim that the Quran is a scientific miracle, how can we ignore obviously false scientific statements such as this?

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Would you throw some light on christen Belief here…
These shootings stars are the tears of Saint Lawrence & looking for mortals to fulfill wishes…
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Oh You fools…Quran isnot talking about the dust particles which we see in our atmosphere (meteors)…Quran Is talking about the annihilation of stars which produces gamma rays which are the deadliest rays and yup no one can surf freely through these rays even the terrestrial bodies…

There are alot of traditions that are forged in hadith books so not all of those hadiths are sahih (authentic)

Muslims do NOT believe in science frist of all, they believe in signs given from Allah. I encourage everyone to read and understand.

Is this guy crazy? Instead of answering blunders in bible he is pointing so called errors in The Glorious Quran.

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Someone advised me to study Quran.
Thanks! Never had such a laugh for a long time!

Mad man . if you don’t have knowledge than discuss with any knowledgeable person. You tell me can anyone go in outer space with a physical body. Isn’t outer space is that much hot. Is not meteoroids wondering here and there in space for protecting. When stars explodes these meteoroids come into existence and these travel into space like missiles. What is missile. It is not created for distruction after explodes. Same applies for stars. They are also explodes and it is possible that these are made for protection from shayateens. Search about stars and there history than make these kind of clips.

Watch this proof

devil, jin, angel coz they can’t explained, they called them alien, ufo, ET etc

Wondering, what else you can use a star for?
Human are insignificant that they hardly could reach Mars :smiley:
And What knowladg is mentioned in Quran remember 1400 years ago what else you can imagin?

They got the guide to travelers part kind of correct.

I take an oath today tht I saw seven times shooting star at night it was a real blue color star falling for like 2sec and disappearing not a dust meteor or any thing there was no flame I know science say tht there r meteor rocks and dust falling and burning but they also say real pure star named mera tht falls .

Now I understand, why many muslims lost their way! Because the guidance stars (the navigation) had been used up by Allah to try to hit some demons or devils. And don’t tell me, that Allah is good in aiming! Once he refused to throw down stones or something, because some muslim people where among his “enemies” and he was afraid to kill them also. (Written in the Quran)

Well, maybe one time he really hit one of the satans and then the satan and the “meteorite” melted together into a black stone…
Now this hit is celebrated like hell in Mecca.

Too sarcastic? Well, I think, sarcasm can sometimes be y nice shooting star to eliminate nonsense. … I need more stars!

“evil spirits” are space particles (plasma); harmful to life. stars are “angels” as they are living sentient beings (just like quartz crystals); silicon dioxide (they have memory and are spiritual). stars have a magnetic field and collect space debris which protects life on other stars aka “planets” (planets are dying stars). magnetic fields “ears” (stretch out on either side of the star/planet) protect stars from harmful space particles and solar flares. science is real. “heaven” is a universe; there are many.

Dont take it literal missiles as in projectiles. Hell, not one person on this earth can confirm where an extraterrestrial object has originated.

I feel so bad for u guys.i hope u find light.

Amazing - Scientific Miracles In The Quran - Dr Zakir Naik - 1 of 2 - YouTube If you really want to hear both sides and make up your own opinion.