Quran Contradictions: Are Christians Polytheists? (Anthony Rogers)

The Qur’an claims to be perfectly clear and free from error and contradiction. Yet the Qur’an regularly contradicts itself. For instance, the Qur’an insists both that Christians are polytheists and that Christians are not polytheists. In this video, Anthony Rogers goes through a variety of passages in an effort to discover Muhammad’s answer to the question: “Are Christians polytheists?”

“Apparently, it’s also lawful, according to Allah, to violate the law of non-contradiction.”


It is mentioned in surat Maarij, chapter 70, verse 4 in the Holy Quran what
means “The angles and the spirit will ascend to Him during a day the extent of which is fifty thousand years”.
It means that the distance between the earth and the Siderat Al Muntaha is 50000 years in the reference frame based on the earth or 1 day in the reference frame based on the Siderat Al Muntaha.
To calculate the distance between the earth and the Siderat Al Muntaha, one has to assume two things:

  1. A year as mentioned in this noble verse refers to a period in the fabric space-time between the earth and the Siderat Al Muntaha;
  2. The angles and spirit travel at the speed of light from the earth to Siderat Al Muntaha.
    The first assumption allows us to choose the wavelength of the so-called primordial gravitational waves reprinted in the cosmic microwave background radiation as a period in the fabric space-time, and the second assumption allows us to convert the distance given in light-years to the distance in meters.
    It is important to note that the distance between the earth and the Siderat Al Muntaha is 50 Billion years in this context.
    Following this approach, one can calculate the distance between the earth and the Siderat Al Muntaha as follows:
    d = 50000 in years
    d = 50000 × lambda in light-years
    d = 50000 × 10^6 × (12 × 30 × 24 × 60 × 60 × 3 × 10^8) in meters
    d = 4.665 × 10^26 meters
    Where 1 lambda (CMBR) = 1 Million light-years as the astronomical unit or as 1 period in the fabric space-time between the earth and the Siderat Al Muntaha and 1 light-year = 1-year × c = 12 × 30 × 24 × 60 × 60 × 3 × 10^8 in meters as the distance traveled by the light during 1 year (1 revolution of the earth around the sun).
    Allah Akhebare to my surprise I find this value of the distance between the earth and the Siderat Al Muntaha is in perfect agreement with the value of the radius of the universe as expected by the cosmologists.
    This coincidence is because the Holy Quran is a book from Allah and the Noble Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is the last messenger of Allah.
    But only Allah knows best.
    1 - Wikipedia (please see at this site for more details about the radius of the universe)
    2 - La matiere Noire - A la recherche de la plus grande Inconnue de l’univers - Une collection présentee par Hubert Reeves (please see at this site for more details about the ripples in the fabric space-time known as the gravitational waves reprinted in the cosmic microwave background radiation).

Whoever left jesus to go to islam did NOT have a relationship with jesus
That’s why they felt islam was the true faith

At 9:53 Antony says S21:27 when he means Surah 22 which was rightly visualized though, take note!

The very credibility of Quran is so low, why does it even matter what it suggests about anybody at all!? Beside, it has 180degree contradictions from surah to surah and such incoherence, it takes a demented, ignorant to understand it.

Time comes in three forms. past, present, future
Matter comes in three forms. Liquid, solid, gas
Space contains three forms height width and breadth. Explain to me how the world is full of trinities but God is supposedly not one?
If I believe that I am a father and a son and an uncle and a cousin am I believing that I am a bunch of people or am I not explaining all the aspects that make up the totality of who I am? God is our Heavenly Father, God is the Holy Spirit that dwells within us and God is Jesus the Christ who died upon the cross for the forgiveness of our sins.

Muhammad himself called Jesus the Messiah without any clear understanding of what “The Messiah” of the Old Testament was supposed to be and do, for more than just another “anointed one”, there was and could be only one Messiah, and only the Christ, who died and rose again could full fill the prophesy concerning him.

Explaining the Godhead (Trinity) in basic terms:

God is One. This One God is composed of three co-eternal persons. One God, Three Persons. And each Person is 100% God. Imagine a flower with three petals; imagine that if you remove one petal, that one petal is still fully the entire flower. That is the Trinity. One God, Three Persons. A Triune deity.

The three persons of the Trinity are:

God the Father: Righteous, Powerful, Impersonal. The first in the chain of command within the Trinity. The Abba/Adonai. He made himself understood to man through His Son.

God the Word: The second person of the Trinity. Love, Peace and Reconciliation. He is the spoken Truth of God. The Voice (Memra or Logos) of God. In Genesis 3: 8 it is mentioned that Adam and Eve “…heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day.”
Note this. They HEARD the VOICE of God WALKING in the garden. They heard the Word, the second person of the Trinity. The Word appears many times in the Old Testament in the form of christophonies (pre-Christ manifestations of the Word). He appears as Melchizedek/Melchisedec [[ (Hebrew: ‘מַלְכִּי־צֶדֶֿק’, “Malkī-ṣeḏeq”; Amharic: ‘መልከ ጼዴቅ’, “Malkīṣeḏeq”; Armenian: ‘Մելքիսեդեք’, “Melkisetek”) the High Priest of God, who has “…no father or mother…” It is interesting to note that Melchizedek/Melchisedec is called the King of Salem. Now, Salem means Peace, “Shalom”. So “King of Salem” is literally “King of Shalom/Peace”. Jesus Christ is called the Prince of Peace. Also, Melchizedek/Melchisedec broke bread and drank wine with Abram in the OT. Jesus did the same thing in the New Testament. Also, “Melchizedek” means “King of Righteousness” (Hebrew: מַלְכִּי־צֶדֶֿק “Malkī-ṣeḏeq”, “King of Righteousness”), a title of Christ ]]. In Genesis 14:18, he appeared as the Captain of the LORD’s armies in the book of Joshua 5:13-14, and as the Angel of the LORD who appeared throughout the Bible [NOTE: when the Bible says “AN angel of the LORD”, it is referring to a normal angelic being; either a Rav-Malakh (Archangel), Cherubim (a Cherub), Ophanim (Wheel), Chayot-HaKodesh (Living Creature), Erelim (Mighty One/Warrior), Elim (Heroes/Divine Council), Hashmallim (Heavenly Body), Seraphim (also called Ikisat, a Serpent. Satan was of this group), Malakim (Messenger), Bene-Elohim (Sons of God), Grigori (Watcher), Shinnanim (Angel of Mercy/Ministering), Tarshishim (Fiery Angel), Memitim (Destroyer/Angel of Death) or Ishim (a lesser angel akin to a divine human, known as Manlike Beings or Strangers). When it says “THE Angel of the LORD”, it is referring to the christophony of the Word.]
Note that the term “angel” can also mean “messenger”. So, the Word came in many christophonies. But why did He, the glorious God, choose to come in these lesser lower forms? Simple. If He had come in the force of His true glory, he would have annihilated all living beings in his vicinity by the power of his sinless perfect righteousness; no living being can withstand his righteousness in full force. Hence, he came in lesser christophonies. His final form on the earth was in the form of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. The Word of God has two natures: a divine nature (Son of God/Lion) and a human nature (Son of Man/Lamb). The Four Cherubs (seen in Ezekiel 1: 5-11 and in Revelation 4: 6) that serve God each represent the four directions (North, South, East, West) and the Four Elements (Lion= Fire, Ox= Earth, Man= Water, Eagle= Air). The Four Cherubs also represent the four Spirits of the Spaces: Lamas (the South Wind. The half-man half-lion Guardian of the constellation Leo, associated with the month of August), Sed (the East Wind. Guardian of the constellation Taurus who takes the form of a bull with a man’s head, associated with the month of May), Nattig (the West Wind. Guardian of the constellation Scorpio who takes the form of a man with the face, claws and wings of an eagle, associated with the month of November) and Ustur (the North Wind. Guardian of the constellation Aquarius who takes the form of a man, associated with the month of February. He is the oldest of the four). The Four Cherubs are also sometimes used as symbols for the Four Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).
The Four Cherubs also represent the various Families of the animal kingdom: the Lion (Wild Animals), the Ox/Calf/Cherub (Domesticated Animals), the Eagle (Birds) and the Man (Humans and Angels). One Family of animals (Reptiles, Insects and Aquatic Creatures) is missing. This is because the one that represented that group was cast down (the Covering Cherub/Anointed Cherub who is Satan). This is why Satan/Lucifer/Abaddon/Belial/Apollyon/Nephi/Aiwass/Moroni/Behemoth/Leviathan/Samyaza/Beelzebub/Metatron/Raziel/Mephistopheles is repeatedly called a dragon, serpent of the sea, beast of the land and “Lord of the Flies”. The Four Cherubs also represent aspects of their Creator, Jesus Christ: as a King (the Lion, Gospel of Matthew), as a Servant (the Ox/Calf/Cherub, Gospel of Mark), as a Human (the Man, Gospel of Luke) and as a Deity (the Eagle, Gospel of John).

God the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost: the third person of the Trinity. Comfort, Strength and Hope. He is sevenfold, being composed of seven spirits: the Spirit of the LORD, the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel, the Spirit of Might, the Spirit of Knowledge and the Spirit of The Fear of The LORD. (Isaiah 11: 2 and Revelation 3 as well as Revelation 5: 6)
The sevenfold Holy Spirit rested on Jesus Christ (the Word made flesh) and is available to us if we seek God in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

And this is the Trinity. One God, Three Persons. (Also, I find it interesting that the word “Godhead” appears 3 times in the Bible, and there are 3 Persons in the Godhead/Trinity.) The Three are One, and the One is Three. God is Triune, and the One True God. He always has been.

God bless.

The Islam existence is a proof that ignorance is serious even today.

Praise the Lord! Awesome intro about the trinity!

this what happens ladies and gentlement when a barber christian happen to open the quran which clearly says in surah maidah that allh first loves and e love him back,
2. speaking about god being ignorance you do realize that catholics deify marry, so the verse stands still, but let me tell you about agod ho clearly confessed that he doesnt know about the last hour mark:13


So far 41 Muhammadans who do not like the Truth…

I told to my Muslim friends about the unscientific verses of Quran so they said me that Quran is ahead then science even science cannot catch Allah’s words…you need a Muslim scholar to understand those verses…

If we present this video to Muhammad 1400 years ago, I’m sure he will say: Dont question, for Allah is all knowing, all wise! XD

What’s the name of the outro?

I’m A Christian, I Completely Don’t Understand The Video. Why Wasn’t The Question In The Title Answered Directly? From Point 1 to 8 It Is Unclear To Me What He Is Trying To Say.

The fundamental article of Christianity is that Jesus is the Christ, i.e., the Savior. It is NOT the trinity.

The doctrine of the trinity was NOT prophetically announced. The divine Sonship of Jesus was, but that’s not the doctrine of the trinity.
The doctrine of the trinity was NOT apostolically revealed. The doctrine of the trinity was invented in the 200s to solve perceived philosophical problems with Jesus, being in the world and being God. Peter, Paul, and the other Apostles did not believe, teach, or document the doctrine of the trinity. The NT does teach of God the Father, the divine nature of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but it is silent on any formula for the being of God. Early Christians (before the 200s) believed in a duality (God the Father and God the Son) and did not include the Holy Spirit as being God. Rather, it is the power of God or the means by which God acts through man.
The doctrine of the trinity IS ecclesiastically codified, but so what? Many things were ecclesiastically codified by the Roman Catholic Church which were rejected during the protestant reformation. Thus, what has been codified is not essential nor absolute for the belief of Christians.

These facts are illustrated by the fact that there are multiple non-trinitarian Christian churches. Thus, the fundamental article of Christianity must be something else since not all Christians hold to the trinity. (Of course, people will simply wave their magic wand of self-granted authority and declare these Christians to not be Christian, thus ‘solving’ the problem by ignoring it.)