Quran Error: Was Abraham Delivered from a Fire? (David Wood)

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In the Quran, Allah tells us that he rescued Abraham from a fire before bringing him to the Promised Land. Unfortunately for Allah, this claim is based on a mistranslation of Genesis 15:7, and many lizards have been killed because of the mistranslation. David Wood discusses this Quran error.

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It is people like you who think they are experts in arabic and mistranslate such words and then take it very clearly out of context. Logic might be useful sometimes you know. Use it :smirk:
May allah guide you.

Their logic is basically broken.

i searched the fabrications and lies Mr. David mentioned in this video:
1- the blessed land is the promised land. this is what he says but this a lie. he just wants to prove throgh quran the the false biblical narrative of the jewish holy land
2- Mr. David says that in sura 21 that ibrahim’s goal of smashing the idols is to prove that the idols can’t move, of course this is nonsense, mr. david didn’t read verse 65 which says the idols can’t speak and this is another story
3- In Mr. David’s holy book and his changing-re-edited Talmud, there are talking animals like the serpent and Balaam’s donkey. So, it is not strange to see animals’ strange behavour in religious texts. Besides, Mr. David might be pardoned because he was reading from a translation about the house lizard. Actually, in Arabic, it is called Wazagh, a gecko in english, which is poisonous.
Mr. David, you depend on the ignorance of peoples. your allegations can be easily refuted.

Oneday, we will see Sheikh David Wood defending islam when he gets rid of his hatred and prejudice against islam.

Mr.David might not be against muslims as individual and he is against islam as an idea. actually he is in the wrong path since he believes in a crucified god, the king of the whole universes incarnates in flesh and dies on the cross. What a disgusting myth. and then you talk about lizards.

Shia are not muslims since their theology is completey different from islam’s

first of all, as muslims, we believe that there are some truths in what called Bible, if there are dissimilarities then this means this part of the bible is wrong.
regarding the fire of ibrahim, it is true as it is mentioned in the Quran. for the word Ur, actually, it means fire not a city, if you go back to the hebrew text you will read ‘Ur Ha Kassidim’ not Ur Chaldeans, this considered falsification and ignorancs. Chaldeans appeared one thousand year after ibrahim, there were no Chaldeans at all. Saadia Gaoon, an Egyptian Arab Jew, who translated The Torah into Arabic mentioned that ibrahim migrated from the fire of Kassidim. i presume that you know that the suffix ‘im’ in hebrew refers to plural nouns, so, who were those kassidim? They were Bani Kassid, the dwellers of the Kussad mountanous area in modern Yemen and surely not in Iraq, this devastate the whole story of Abraham’s journey. the story being mentioned in talmud might have been add in later times after reading it in the Quran.

When you love Christ Jesus. Please love him… But why are you trying to find faults with The Holy & Divine Quranic verses. This is not proper dear.
There are Jewish rabbis who constantly denounces New Testament. And they only believe 39 Books.
Abraham in the fiery furnace is obviously found in the Book of Jasher. And the Book of Jasher is mentioned in The Holy Bible.
You can search it dear.
By the way do you believe Second Coming of The Messiah of YHVH mentioned in HEBREWS 9 :27-28.
And do you believe that The Messiah of YHVH mentioned in the Book of 2ESDRAS 7 :26-44 of HOLY WRIT is going to bring 400 years of happiness. And after that The Messiah of YHVH and all human beings shall demise.
Please read them.
Remember 2ESDRAS is revealed to Ezra from God Most High through Archangel Uriel.
Stay blessed dear.

did you think the great creator will care about you if you don’t believe it :joy: he doesn’t care he just care about the real believers who really respect it , by the way it’s not a lizard it’s the gecko it’s very bad animal , the messenger says if you kill him you take 100 deeds in one hit of killing and the black scorpion and black snake and some animals…etc , the normal lizard is very peaceful and good .

You will burn in hell if you contuniue like this

You misunderstood the Lizard story. Lizards in that part of the world used to be venomous, thus it was advised by the Prophet to kill it like many other venomous beasts. The Lizard in the Abraham story is just an indication, ‘kill the Lizard (the kind) that blew onto the fire’. It’s not because it blew into the fire it is advised to be slaughtered. Also the verses from Qur’an. You read them alright but did you read the backstory and meaning?
The tafseer of Qur’an 6:25 are as follows,
Their disbelief has reached such a level that the only reason they listen to the Qur’an is to find faults in it. And when they are unable to find any error because it is so eloquent instead of appreciating its style and eloquence they would argue with the Prophet sallAllahu `aalyhi wa sallam. They would say, “These are nothing but tales of the men of old.” Meaning this has been plagiarized from previous Scriptures. This was because of their prejudice.

When we are told a story by someone we like we take pleasure in it even if the story is made up and unreal. On the contrary, if a story is being told by someone we dislike we are never going to appreciate it due to our own bias against them. So was the case of the mushrikeen. Qur’an does not contain stories but real incidences yet due to their own stubbornness the mushrikeen could never appreciate it. They were rather more inclined towards arguments.
The creator knows best. May he guide us all to the light.

Pigs,dogs, and now Lizards…:slight_smile:

You all aree Son of bitch or daughter… who Blaim our islam… Neither you never Talk about Islam and Quran … Why you Talk about our Religions… Why?? Our islam is peace… Allah Is Almighty​:heart:… Hey allah Save us from This Negativity and Jerk People who Replace your words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:… Ameen :heart:

Sorry pagan christian we don’t believe in bible… :grin::grin::grin: even jewish don’t consider christian as real… Stop copying their books…

My christian brothers and sisters after everything its time to leave christianity and accept Islam…

I stopped watching the video when you started to link the Quran to hadith to prove the error. The Quran has not mistake. But hadiths are from so many sources that we doubt about and abu hurairah is said to have been hit and forbid to transmit any at some point by the Khalif Umar ibn Khattab. I can explain the reasons in more details. Pay attention all that isn’t from the Quran should be not taken as absolute truth they are words of people not direct revelation from Allah (swt). So you can’t prove Quran is wrong this way. This story also exist in the Hebraic bible btw…

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ! It’s also written on the ancient sumerian Tablets ! :rofl: It’s in the Quran , but people only are able to read it , NOW ! so then go argument with archeologists ! Lol ! David , I used to dispise you , but right now I see how pathetic you are :sweat_smile::rofl:

watching this back, I wonder if there are any jihadi jokes about killing the Zucc