Qur'an Error: Was Mary Both the Mother of Jesus and the Sister of Aaron?

According to the Qur’an, Mary the mother of Jesus is also the sister of Aaron. Yet Mary and Aaron lived more than a thousand years apart. Can Muslims ignore this clear error?

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ that has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved.

This guy really dumb,
If you are a Christian then follow the teachings of Jesus Christ When he said,
“Judge not, that you be not judged.”
“For with the judgement that you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get”(Matthew 7:1-2)
If you judge Quran like this then first go judge your Bible like this too.
If according to you this is the error then Your Bible had done this error many times,
Sometimes Jesus is Son Adam, Sometimes Jesus is Son Abraham, Sometimes son of David
Sometimes son of Joseph.

People don’t understand. The Bible was put together & overseen by Pagan Constantine. We should not argue with our Muslim brother & sisters. Satan has been here from the beginning & he loves us arguing. Anything touched by man is flawed. God has put the truth in all of us;It’s called a conscience. We all are related. We all have God/Allah in all of us. God blessed both children of Abraham. Enough is enough. Time is running short. First off,we were all supposed to be beings of light. There was to be no race. Satan snuck his DNA,in all of us through Cain. The Bible & the Koran are guides,but the truth is within. We know what’s right & wrong. We know God/Allah created everything. As a Christian I pray to God & Jesus. As for Muslims. God blessed them through Ishmael. Jews were blessed through Joshua if I remember correctly. Who is anyone to question God. Everytime a human questions God;there are dire consequences. This world is a test. Please don’t fail!!

I don’t believe it’s a mistake. In my opinion. It’s saying Mary was a relative of Aaron,since Mary grew up in the Temple. Remember God blesses Ishmael also. I’m guessing Mohammad is descendants of Hagar & Ishmael. Who are we to question God?

1). Mary and Miriam are different

Christians apologist often question a confusion between Mary mother of Jesus and Miriam sister of Moses. They often use this issue as an big mistake in Quran and an undeniable proof that Quran is wrong.

This problem has been answered by the prophet himself more than 1400 year ago.

Mughira ibn Shu’ba reported: When I came to Najran, the Christian monks asked me, “You recite the verse, ‘O sister of Aaron,’ (19:28) but Moses was born long before Jesus by many years.” When I came back to the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, I asked him about it and he said, “Verily, they used to name people with the names of prophets and righteous people who had passed before them.” (Sahih Muslim 2135)

Ibn Kathir said, “This is like saying to somebody from the Tamimi tribe: O brother of Tamim, or to somebody from the Mudari tribe: O brother of Mudar.”

2). In the Bible Elizabeth is Daughter Aaron and in the Quran Marry is daughter of Imran

The four Gospels do not mention who is Marys Father. But Gospel of Luke began his birth story for Mary with a birth story for Mary Cousin “Elizabeth daughter of Aaron”.

In the days of Herod king of Judaea, there was a priest named Zacharias of the priestly class of Abijah; his wife was of the daughters of Aaron and her name was Elizabeth. They were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless… Luke 1:5-6.

Mary cousins, Elizabeth is not daughter of Aaron, so this title of Elizabeth in the Bible can have two meanings

  1. Elizabeth father was a Priest from Priestly House of Aaron lineage.
    2). Elizabeth is daughter of Aaron in lineage.

If you accept Elizabeth was called Daughter of Aaron in the Bible, why do you object Quran called Mary daughter of Imran.

This title of Mary in mother of Jesus the Quran could also have two consequences

  1. Mary’s father was a priest from priestly family of Imran father of Aaron
  2. Mary is daughter of Imran in lineage.
  3. Mary is definitely not sister of Aaron but she is sister in lineage.

In the Qur’an Mary father name is Imran a priest from priestly family of Imran, Remember what prophet has said, “Verily, they used to name people with the names of prophets and righteous people who had passed before them.”

Mary’s father name Imran is different from Joachim a name in the apocryphal Bible. Since anything apocrypha’s are all banned by the church, we can ignored Joachim name as Mary’s father. We stick to Islamic tradition that Mary’s father is Imran, a priest from Imran priestly family.

3). Genealogy of Jesus was Wrong

The four Gospels do not mention who is Marys Father. Is that a problem ?. Why is that ?. Marry is Theotokos, is Her father not important to be mentioned … hahaha.

In the gospels of Matthew and Luke there are two versions of Jesus lineage that are disconnected and funny. Those who made this genealogy must have made it up. It shows the Geneology of Joseph, not Jesus because Joseph is not Jesus’ father.

Tribemanship in the Jewish nation is descended from the father’s line. Since Jesus has No father, Therefore it is impossible for Jesus to be a descendant of David. Although his mother may have descended from David From marys mother, but marys father was priest. Jesus could not be called king because he had no father. Joseph is not his father.

Jesus could only claim descent from his mother. That’s why in the Quran Jesus is often called Isa Ibn Maryam. Jesus son of Mary. Jesus was not decendant of David, therefore he cannot be the promised-kingly mesiah.

That’s why in the Gospel of Matthew 16:20, it is told Jesus ask His disciples not to tell anyone that He is the Messiah. Why did Jesus Forbid his disciples to call him mesiah in public ? Jesus knew the messiah had to be a descendant of David, while he had no father to claim the lineage of David.

So Muslims have known this story for a long time. It’s a pity that there are billions of Christians do not know that Jesus is not the promised Kingly Messiah, because he is not decendant of David. But muslim know that He is a prophet and a priestly mesiah.

4). Conclusion

The purpose of Maryam being called Aaron’s sister and Imran’s daughter is to confirm that she is Imran daughter and that Imran is a descendant of Imran who is Aaron’s father. No one can disprove that.

Jesus was a rabbi, that’s irrefutable proof that he was like his ancestors Aaron and Imran, they were all Levites.

Jesus was not a descendant of David, he could not be the promised kingly-messiah.

Read Luke 1:5 and Bible it self answer your question.

I debunk this in a video using Apocrypha books taken out of the Bible you can watch the video on my channel but I will briefly explain here Mary is the daughter of Elizabeth her adopted mother who is from the tribe of Aaron who was the son of Imran there 4 her last name would have included sister of Aaron daughter of Imran when using the extended last name system that is still in use in the Middle East today

Your argument and supporting explanations are SO on point. Good job for noticing this during your readings.

The Quran is full of lies and mistakes. One more won’t make a difference.

That’s not a “mistake” you mistook this to
mean sister of Moses & Quran didn’t say that

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What can you expect !

According to the Qur’an, Haman is a servant of Pharaoh

Hahaha busted. Actually there was a guy Aaron who was often called Brother of marry. Again Quran get it right and Bible get it wrong🤣

Amin. Vid saved. :grin::+1:

Mohamed and his followers did a very poor job constructing the Quran. Mohamed himself could not read and it seems to show in how confused he was about what we call the Old Testament and the Gospel.

There is a very simple explanation of this verse of the Qur’an
In the incident mentioned in Surah Maryam, the women of Israel are taunting in anger to Hazrat Maryam and in taunting, a sinner is always associated with the greatest sinner.
The greatest sinner in Judaism is Aaron because, according to Jew’s, he made a calf of gold because of which many of the people get astray and killed.
Exodus ch 32.

So,u meant to say… is jesus son of mary or is he son of god?

Pls be consistent.

Thats not even contradiction…how is that an error… sis and son of alot of diff…

Simply they dont know the history of the Jews and the Christians for muhhamad ignorance many have bee deceive

First challenge of Quraan is no one can defeat as that it self that This is word of your and our load (Allah).
First clarify and tell people if want tell something true