Quran Preservation Lies EXPOSED! (Islam Critiqued)

Muslim scholars and apologists tell their naive listeners that the Quran has been perfectly preserved, down to the smallest detail, for fourteen centuries. Unfortunately for these scholars and apologists, non-Muslim scholars are now exposing the lies. The Quran has been changed countless times, and textual variants abound. Why is the case for the Quran built upon a foundation of lies? Islam Critiqued discusses the issue, and even turns a clip of Bart Ehrman against the Quran!

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i guess well have to see the truth someday

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They cannot falsify the verses of the Quran and now take the position of proving that the Quran is false. ⁇
Learn some lessons from the Arabs because you do not know their language very well.

Evidence in Suraj Al bayyinah

Know why I hate him coz he’s a liar

hahaha so show me the changes, that i can answer. you talk to non arabic youtubers.

Keep the good work up

But quran it’s same even 40 years ago there wasn’t any advanced technology quran said we are expanding it the sky today scientists facts approved that the universe expanding continuously and there are many other facts like we are going to build a fingerprint to a judgment to all people today fingerprint are very security to identify a person even for twins might have a same DNA but fingerprint divide to different one go learn quran it’d simply but very meaningful

Quaran is a joke , God favoured Issac not Ishmael

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You do a lot of talking but you have not produce any proof where is you proof…
Can you speak Arabic or understand it???
Probably not who do u work for? I have seen others like u who talk but not produce the prophet Muhammad (Pbu) said that he who makes the claim had the burden of proof. You produce yours and ill produce let’s and may Allah curse the one that lies… ameen

Islam not a religion but a brand.

Request do research Persian High Priest Was Guru Of Mohd Initiated Groomed Taught Teachings of Life and said to spread them after his death but have no Ego That they are Mohd teachings or teachings will get Reversed and cause great problems This reason Persia was Invaded first civilisation to be destroyed This is the Reason