Ramadan Bombathon Begins: Ramadan 2017 Edition

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Ramadan 2017 has arrived, which means that we’re going to see a massive number of terrorist attacks carried out in the name of Allah. The website https://www.thereligionofpeace.com keeps a running tally of these terrorist attacks and compares them with the terrorist attacks carried out in the name of all other religions combined. Let’s see if all religions are equally violent.

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Lol stats fake as shit

Islam is production house of terrorism (no emoji since no new fact)

U r nothing short of William Lane Craig.


Well, it’s the first week of
May 2019 and sadly
their festivities already
began. The “Ramadanians”
sent hundreds upon hundreds
of rockets inside of Israel.

Ramadan Bombathon
The time of the year when muslim extremists get high on Islam even more than usual and wreck havoc across the globe “In the name of Allah.” It should be importantly noted that during Ramadan, muslims do not eat or drink therefore they are EXTRA cranky and this might be a cause of this series of events.
What day is it? Its May 26th?! Oh no… Ramadan Bombathon starts tonight!!! (above taken from Urban Dictionary)

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Allahu Akbar! (Smashes neck)

Ramadan bombathon is a special month for the religion of peace, in this month jihadis goes on a killing spree when their stomach is empty.

Feed, Fornicate, Sleep, Repeat . . . for the month of Ramadan Bomb-A-Thon.

Have a look at: Math unveils the truth

Ramadan is nice a holiday for muslims let them celebrate it just like you Christmas and this is not your business stay in your own religion and just stay away from this topic.

Your basically a demon David , Jesus has said “Respect and care for religons” while you are going to hell Jesus himself never said anything considering Muslims or any other religion in the bible exept idol worship

Bak, dirk dirka

So now there was this demonstration in Germany. Muslims proteteted against islamistic terror and the Ramadan Bombathon. But: The greatest german Islam Organisation (DITIB) refused to take part in the demonstration. The reason was: This effort is not reasonable for a muslim in Ramadan. But Bomabathon for terrorists is reasonable … Isn´t it ironic?

sorry nt health problems. because for those who are sick or travelin they dnt fest in ramdhan ur liar david i’m disppointed i thought ur really worth watching

It’s like an action movie. The saddest part is some people won’t acknowledge who the bad guys are

Almost half-way through ramadan and what david said has turnt out to be true! So many bombings and killings in different places!

Acts17Apologetics, you have prophetic words, but then again, with the history of Islam, this has become a predictable pattern for those like you who study Islam, it’s sources and just observe their fruit in today’s world. Islam days are counted…

Found you via dutch971. Thanks👍