Reading Is Islamophobic

what does your username mean exactly

“Context” “context” “context”!! Well go on then! What’s the context? What’s the expiation behind these verses? Most Muslims know the explanation but you don’t! You haven’t done ANY reading mate! You just misunderstand!!

Great work David!
i will continue sharing the reality of the danger of Islam.
I am proud to be and infidel!

Sir, that was the most succinct and clear rational thinking I’ve ever heard on the subject. Well, well done. I’m going to add some of this to my argument.

if you are telling the truth then read these verses. but thanks for one thing, see Islam win anyway, there are more people now know about Islam becouse of you, as Allah Said the evil plan his deceving and Allah will make their plan fail and in return goods come to more people. I as the guy on this Vid advice you to read the quraan and find the truth about these muslims.

Well David, in about 50 years time, American women will no longer learn to read When sharia law comes to America.

Sadly, the only reason, to put up with the effort required to build Civilization at all, is to Craft the means to leave this doomed planet. The Earth is not our home but our cradle. God has given us the means to try to understand the Universe and to try move out into it. Achieving all other human aspirations, while remaining on one little planet, dooms all that we ever were, or might be. Islam brought about the dark age in Europe, and it has done the same everywhere that it has spread. It is an “Anti”, to advancement of any kind. How much progress was lost between Muhammad’s Leaving of Mecca and 1492? Where might Humanity be now, had there been no Islam?

Boom! Dropped yet another bomb!

I like your program. I like the way you think. Did you know that Mohammed ’ s first wife was a Roman Catholic? It’s an interesting story.

you know that islam is the truth, why don’t you embrace the religion of submission to god?

you have muslim friends and you still alive?

Truth has no real enemies!

I used the skills I learned on sesame Street!!! LOL!! Love it!!

This guy is awesome. His command of language and knowledge on the subjects about which he speaks is unparalleled.

brother David can you direct me to the video where you speak that mohammad was deceived by a jinn.

Nice video, people only tolerate that book out of respect for Muslims. One has to be a total idiot to even consider that that evil book is peaceful, let alone a word from The Almighty.

The word Islamophobia, is the most retarded made up word.** “Islam”** is a, so called religion, its actually a cult. A “Phobia” is a mental condition that someone has, that enables them to have an irrational fear about something. So when someone saids you have Islamophobia or you’re Islamophobic, they’re basically saying you have a mental condition that enables you to have an irrational fear about Islam. LMAO!! XD What’s the irrational fear about, when a religion, at its fundamental teachings, commands true devout Muslims, especially when they are the majority, to subjugate and kill you where ever they find you, and a false moon god who hates ALL disbelievers, or anybody who doesn’t submit to him and Mohammad FIRST. Secondly, Islam is NOT a race, so how is someone a racist and bigot when someone, saids over and over, the problem is with their religion, Islam, it’s NOT with Muslims themselves, as a race or as individuals.

David Wood (Peace be upon him and Nabeel Quereishi) is a good man. Enlightening the world about the agenda of Eslam.

Knowledge is power. Keep reading.

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I find it interesting how other people tell Christians to read the verse in context. Non-Christians are infamous among Christians for reading Bible verses completely out of context. And they tell us to read in context? Seriously? Yah, all sides (Christians, Atheists, Muslims, etc.) need to always keep things in all context. Physical context- what was the event in question? what were the physical surroundings at the time?; Inner context- is there anything in your feelings, thoughts, sensations, or emotions that might influence how you interpret the event?; Symbolic (literary) context- did you read the passage before and after the verses in question?; Relational context- Who is giving the message in the text (Jesus, Mohammad, a disciple, etc.) and what is this relationship to you as the reader?; Situational context- what type of event is taking place at the time of the verse in question?; Cultural context- What are the rules, patterns of communication, and customs during the time of this verse that might not be familiar to us? The more you know about all these things, the better you are able to fully understand what a verse or passage is actually conveying. Of course, for the Bible, much of Scripture is plain as day, but context can still be important in developing a deeper understanding of God’s word.