Recipe for Retribution: An Analysis of the Isla Vista Shootings
A disgruntled young narcissist named Elliot Rodger recently killed six people (and himself) in Isla Vista, shortly after posting a video titled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution.” Since these attacks are becoming increasingly popular, here are my thoughts on the attack.

Eliocentric universe lol

Wow rich kid who is upset because he is so entitled and narcissistic he should be getting laid constantly? This is Republicanism.

04:36 Dude you are harsh!! Lol I literally stopped my self from laughing to hard not wake my mother. Lol!!

eliot is a victim of our narsacisstic culture. He needed friends, doctors, and family and instead we let him go to the dark side

25 February 2021 …I just laughed like Elliot did!

Doctor David Wood thanks we love you and fantastic

You are blocking some people’s comments, wood brain!

1:55 They’re not narcissists, nor are they psychopaths. They’re psychotics, some compensatory, others mainly genetic in nature.

Watching this video over 5 yrs later it’s got worse

Woah, what caused you to go to the mental hospitals?

If only Elliot Rodger legally changed his name to DIO and decided to become a vampire, then this story would’ve turned out different.

I started a behavioural analysis series on Elliot Rodger on my YouTube account. I have studied Elliot Rodger ever since the Isla Vista shootings occurred in 2014 and I think we need a more honest account in terms of who he was and how he turned into a mass murderer. I welcome all points of view on my channel.

David, this is certainly one of your most underrated videos. Very entertaining despite the heavy subject.

I think we can end mass shootings by showing love to those who deserve it the least, kind of like how our Lord did

See whats the saddest thing is that if he was a Christian this probably wouldn’t have happened.

Ok. I was brought up in a brutal alcoholic home. When my dad was around, you never knew what the hell he was going to do. Mom got beat alot of the times, and my beloved brother and i were subjected to his rages, of course, as well. Plus put downs and him bringing his very drunk friends around from time to time. Our vacations, no bs, honest to god, skid row in chicago. Once in a great while to california to see his sister…my mom kept in close contact with her. He hated going and boy did he let us know about it. My younger life, if i didnt live it myself, could be written straight out of an alcoholism manual. The point is, i dont ever recall wanting to do the shit he did. I was bullied plenty. I turned it around and beat these bitches asses. Fun fact: i totally forgot this: found out years later that one of these bitches became a nun. I am proud friends with bill w. And dr bob for 36 years, and still counting. That guy was narcissistic, and so full of himself, that god forbid he finally got his girlfriend, what if she broke up with him or wanted to see other guys too? He was a hot mess and he took it out on poor innocent people. Kind of like my dad…but of course in a way the hell different way. I have never gone back to drinking and drugs…thank you dear god so far, but i know i’m one drink away from insanity…i was more a barfly than anything else. And one ton of therapy, that im incredibly blessed to have had and still have now. Late for my aa mtg…gotta go! But for the grace of god go i.:pray::pray::pray:

this kid must be alot of time playing and hobbying on extreme sadistic chopping gamer and war games.
and might be consume routine drugs abused and synthethic heroin.

Finally someone analyzes this mess of a human life correctly!

Oh my, I had not noticed he quoted Anakin from Revenge of the Sith LOL
Randy Stair quoted the protagonist from Hatred.
Nikolas Cruz quoted… I can’t remember but it was something similarly lame
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