Refuting Shabir Ally on the Crucifixion of Jesus

Shabir Ally claims that Jesus did not die by crucifixion, and that the Bible isn’t clear on whether Jesus died. But will Shabir’s arguments stand up to scrutiny? Find out as David Wood and Pastor Joseph examine the evidence.

Shabir Ally: “No one verified medically that He was actually dead”

Roman Soldier: *pierces His heart with a spear

Modern knowledge of the Roman empire: *hangs people on crosses days on end until they die

Modern medicine: “causes of death include cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, and psychological pathology.” (NIH)

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Jesus Christ is Lord God.
MohMad is not even dirt of Christ shoes.
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When water is coming out of a wound, isn’t that proof of decease?

Allah is god of this world

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While I agree with your conclusion some of the statements you made about the crucifixion are more catholic heresies than reality. As far as I know there is no passage saying that Christ has been stabbed by the spear in the heart, rather to the side between the ribs i.e. in one of the lungs. There are two reasons why we know he is dead:

  1. From the lungs flowed as a stream blood and water. Any doctor would see this as a sign that the person is dead due to asphyxiation.
  2. From the same report we can 100% conclude the spear hit one of the main blood arteries or even the heart. In any case the result is that even if Jesus were not dead at that time he would have surely died in a matter of minutes either by loss of blood or literally drowning in his own blood as the lungs would now also pump blood through the respiratory system.

The catholic idea of being stabbed through the heart is related to the prophecy of the righteous Simeon that said to the virgin Mary that a sword will pass through her heart. The bad catholic interpretation says that Christ was stabbed to the heart. This links to the sacred heart catholic heresy and the Fatima demonic apparitions. As an orthodox christian wanted to make this facts clear as this can be used against you by muslims in debates.

The word “crucify” in itself is a verb that means “to fix to a cross”. So “crucify” does not necessarily mean kill. Crucified people die slowly and painfully- they’re just hanging on a cross as they struggle to breathe. And given the atrocious sufferings Jesus underwent(scourging, beatings, bruises, nailing, dehydration, blood-sweat), it just cancels out any possibility that Jesus could’ve survived the cross alive.

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Shabir Ally knows full well what the Gospel says. He is deliberatly deluding his followers. Muslims need to read the Bible and find all the prophesys about the coming of the Savior, and read the Gospel about the true message of YHWH.

1-the false prophet was there already, as Jesus predicted; but showed later: Paul
2- Jesus’ mission finished, as he stated clearly, before the x-fiction
3- Allah didn’t need to decieve, any of Pilate, Nicodeimius, Aremathia J, could do it

Shabir Ally is a moving library of heresies and blasphemies!!!

Allah is a deceiver! What a god!! The god of Muslims is a deceiver and a peddler of deceit and deception. The point is that Islam is a grand deception…Indeed Allah is Satan the Devil himself masquerading as Yahweh; indeed he is Lucifer in the Bible, who intrigues to unseat Yahweh!

If you want to know the truth about crucifixion, read the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Yogananda. In that book is a chapter on Therese Neuman a stigmatist. Every Friday, Therese Neuman would go through the Stigmata wounds of Jesus crucifixion. Many, including the author of that book, witnessed the wounds.
Today, Church has no good explanation of Jesus resurrection except that it just happened.
For a correct explanation, you have to turn to the Eastern mystics. Reading the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” may be a start.

Seems to me like we are back in medieval times when Christians fought Muslims for honor and territory!
Both have doctored religions today.
Bible that is followed today is not the true teachings of Jesus Christ. A lot of changes were deliberately brought in during the first and second Nicean Councils where doctines of Karma, Reincarnation, Meditation were done away with and deemed heretical.
Church became all powerful and an intermediary between man and God. It also took upon itself the task of forgiving the Sins of others as it did on that fateful day to King Constantine who made it a state religion.
So, when Christians today say we are better off than Muslims in a religious sense, it makes people like me smile in amusement!
What made West forge ahead is not Christianity but Science.
Muslims are lagging behind because they follow a text meant for medieval times and have turned their back on Science that constantly searches for the truth.

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to Salim Wa…that’s true and correct, allah don’t have son but he have 3 daughters…

You guys have comfort in worshipping a prophet then do so. You will see. But if ur truthful to yourselves, then pray for guidance. God is the greatest he had no beggotten son which is a sick claim and he has no partner.

God bless Christians around the world and those that defend the faith.