Refuting Zakir Naik on the Deity of Christ

Muslim apologist Zakir Naik loves to rip verses out of context in order to defend his claim that the Bible does not support the Deity of Jesus Christ (though Naik would never allow non-Muslims to take Qur’an verses out of context). But what happens when Sam Shamoun and David Wood read the verses in context? Zakir Naik is once again exposed as a deceiver.

Christian Prince, David Wood and Sham Shamaon- Please don’t waste your time with this half baked potato, runaway imam and hiding in Malaysia with no courage to face the authorities. Scared of his Islamic identity. If you can ask him to change his name and go into hiding behind Mahathir who is another Muslim imposter.

Zakir Naik’s rejection of the Deity of Christ is to take away the threat against Islam. These words Jesus spoke goes against the entire religion of Islam. Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up. Jesus is saying to kill him on the cross His temple is His body. With His Deity and Divinity He will raise it up. Zakir Naik’s denial is only to undermine Christianity and to advance Islam.

Thank you David & Sam for proving the deity of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Apart from the Theological aspect, I would like to add, that everyone following a religion should test the Spirit of the religion he follows & ask himself : is that religion Spiritual, Clean, & Pure. Does the religion propagate Love or hatred, is it Spiritually pure or carnal ? Does it spread love or hatred & violence? All those questions should be asked & tested before following any religion!

Thank you David & Sam for that fantastic discussion which proves the deity of out Lord & Savior Jesus Christ

Zakir Naik gives Allah a good run for his money on the “best of all deceivers” title. Love the clips of Naik saying only a fool takes passages out of context - nice touch.

Excellent breakdown of the text. Commenting to boost the algorithm

I cannot believe I just discovered these videos in 2021

Thank you for this…Love from india

Amen the oneness of the trinity, john12 :48-49 Jesus said there is a judge for the man who rejects me and does not accept my word that very word will condemn him on the last day for I did not speak on my own authority the father who sent me COMMANDED ME WHAT TO SAY AND HOW TO SAY IT (meaning i spoke as the father spoke to me which is the direct word of God coming through Jesus) I know that his command leads to eternal life so whatever I say is just what the father told me to say. also john 8 28-29 when you have lifted up the son of man then you will know that I am the one that I claim to be and that I DO NOTHING ON MY OWN but speak just what the father has taught me the one who sent me is with me he has not left me alone for I always do what pleases him


He’s a great asshat to Muslim apologetics

You peoples are offenders…

Zakir Naik is the real Messiah…

What is the problem with deity? God is Omnipresent. Can’t He present Himself in a deity? What’s the problem with deity of Jesus. Can I spit on to the photo of my father? Isn’t the photograph represent my father? God is Infinity and the Finite is always within the Infinity. My father is not Omnipresent or Omnipotent or Omniscient and cannot be present in his photograph but God is and thus He can well be present in the deity. So, Jesus is within the deity of Jesus. A Hindu will never desecrate the deity of Jesus.

Every church has diety of Christ. What is wrong in it.


Zakir Naik doesn’t know what he is saying, what others will know. People are just cheering him. He will never understand the Bible. For understanding he has to face the truth…

I watched this video before and watching again and loved it each time. God bless you guys​:fist::heart:

Zakir Naik, don’t joke with these guys. They are too smart for your deceiving tactic to your ignorant followers. I am mighty proud of these smart explanations to our dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Keep it up David, Sam, CP etc. You are doing a mavelous job for Christ! Bless you all! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::pray::pray::pray::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: