Remember Khaybar

Muslim rallies against Israel often include the chant, “Khaybar, Khaybar, Ya Yahud! Jaish Muhammad Sa Ya’ud!” (“Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews! The Army of Muhammad Will Return!”). Interestingly, Muhammad was poisoned at Khaybar, and he eventually died from the effects of the poison. Should Muslims be telling Jews to remember the battle that got their prophet killed?

This video is a call for peace between Muslims and Jews.

So basically Muslims are based?

In 3 years the prophet mohamed could not design a leader because he had pain?? :joy: Are you that stupid?? :rofl:




Khaybar khaybar ya yahoood, Muhammad’s army will come and do the same as 14 centuries ago…:saudi_arabia::saudi_arabia::saudi_arabia::tr::tr::tr::muscle::muscle::muscle:

Wrong. Muhammad didn’t die of poisoning. He passed away 4 years after the incident, which after that, he did fairly well and healthy until his final days

hahaha so you idiot thinks that by making these bullshit and completely false videos you can change the history. dude oo mate you are in dream. keep barking but if you try to bite like the jews of khyber planned then we know how to deal with extremist terorrist crusader or pro zionist or murderer of innocent muslims of mayyanmar or inida or in afghanistan or in the middle east.

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In my family, we have a response to the question of how someone died or was injured. Stupidity. Fits this situation. Viva Khaybar.

LOL why don’t you just admit that Khaybar fell, and Muslims did win. Mohammad did appoint a succesor and yes the same guy who won Khaybar for Mohammad. Muslims infighting has notihng to do Khaybar.


ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAH IS THE GREATEST AND THE PROPHET DIED OF OLD AGE WHEN THE ANGEL OF DEATH CAME OUTSIDE HE KNOCKED TO SEE IF HE WAS ALLOWED TO COME IN TO TAKE HIS SOUL HE PASSED AT THE AGE OF 60 ALLAHU AKBAR :point_up::triumph::black_flag::star_and_crescent::saudi_arabia::afghanistan::raised_back_of_hand:according to sunni btw sunni is the truth America killing all Muslims Prophet Muhammad s.a.w is the greatest man to step foot on this earth I will follow every step of our beloved Prophet :heart: sunni true path

It seems David has directly descendent fromhitler in speaking false all such falsenarration were created by the forefathers of David this has been happening since 1095 started from Spain such people criticised condemned the true faith punished them with rare diseases and vanished from the world this gang will meet the same end god sees the truth but wait mr David u people have kept the entire planet in the state of war for the past 2000 years yet peace love as shown in iraq balakan and now in ukrarian

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Please don’t spread wrong information… search the Battle of Khyber on Wikipedia…

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God bless u David!!

Okey so the Jews didn’t do anything . They didn’t collabrate with the meccans to lay siege on Medina. They didn’t break the pact with the prophet. They didn’t harm the muslims in any manner. They were just farming and growing dates before the battle happened. Genius research. Ands just so you know the people of the Oasis already knew what was coming because they were the ones who provoked the war. Don’t twist the narrative by starting from the middle. If wish to reply then you need to bring up the whole story. Also you didn’t talk about how did the prophet know about the poison. Was it a blind guess.? Can you imagine how hard that could have backfired? Our prophet told us about all the conquest we made in the later years while Jews and the idol-worshippers were bullying us. If he told a single lie, all the muslims would turn away from him. Next time, if you want to make someone believe you, make sure to fill all the holes in your story.

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