Reza Aslan and the Historical Jesus (A Reply to "Zealot")

In his book “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth,” liberal Muslim Reza Aslan claims that, for any argument about the Historical Jesus, there is an equally strong and equally well-researched argument for the opposite position. Oddly enough, Reza then goes on to claim that he has the ONLY correct position on the Historical Jesus!

In this clip, Historical Jesus scholar Mike Licona joins David Wood and Sam Shamoun on “Jesus or Muhammad?” to discuss Reza’s blatant inconsistency.

Y’all debase the inner truth of the teachings by taking them literally. Religious philosophers have always used poetic and symbolic language that was widely understood to be untrue in a literal sense, but whose underlying principles were seen as eternally true. You are missing the forest for the trees…

“People(s) [opinions on the historical Jesus] are guided by their worldview.” Wow, he doesn’t see the irony. If you have your mind set on the divinity of Christ, nothing would convince you otherwise. No matter how much the evidence is stacked against you. People will believe whatever they want to believe in order to feel comfortable.

That guy Raza is a joke.

oh my gosh it’s Mike licona’s brother​:smiley::smiley:

his sir name name says it all. aslan= stupid in turkish

There was No “Palestine” when Jesus was alive. Jesus was from Judea. The Roman Emperor Hadrian formed Syria Palaestina in 132 AD. Syria Palaestina was a Roman province between 135 and about 390, established by the merger of Roman Syria and Roman Judaea, following the defeat of the Bar Kokhba Revolt in AD 135.

David can you invite Reza into your program and school him?

These guys have some interesting points but act like clowns, so I don’t take them seriously!

Mike doesn’t seem to have learned much after his thrashings by Richard Carrier----still doesn’t get the notion that miracles have a much less prior probability that any alternate explanation----and he knows of competing explanations from Carrier—also, we know Aslan did not carriy his prior worldview into his interpretation, since he ended up concluding at least 2 things contrary to fundamental beliefs of Islam—he concludes that Jesus was crucified and he was not born of a virgin. Aslan might actually have put himself in some risk for this.

Don’t expect logic from Reza!

Is Jihad evil or not? Yes or No?

-muslims said NO to themselves.

-muslims said Yes to the non muslims.

how can I get on your show?

stop reading my comments its weird and kinda creepy ,watch the video

He never claims to have the perfect “correct view of Jesus.” In fact, he emphatically states the opposite. This is an attempt to re-create a possible example of Jesus’ life IN THE TIME AND SOCIETY IN WHICH HE LIVED.

I have a new video on my channel called “Why I’m a Christian and no longer a Muslim”. Please watch it before replying to this comment with assumptions.

Bruce, it would be silly to look past the introduction of a book when the introduction sets the tone for the rest of the book.

I think this show need to be shown more in Germany,Britain and maybe in turkey in Turkish which has many muslims

Good video David

This sounds much like the leftist method of revisionist history. They claim things such as the United States was never a Christian nation and our founders were also not really Christians. The leftist/Nazi and the fundamentalist Muslim have much in common. After two thousand years of recorded world history the Muslims think they can change the historical record by simply plugging their ears and shouting as loudly as they can in order to drown out the truth. Interesting that Aslan cannot come up with any recorded historical record that actually contradicted what has been known about Jesus for the past two thousand years. The only people who will listen to this rubbish are those who already have their world view made up in their minds. No fact will get in the way of their opinion. As far as believing in the deity and resurrection of Jesus Christ…only those who take the time to actually seek after the truth with sincere hearts will ever know for sure.