Ricky Gervais Slams Woke Celebrities at Golden Globes!

At the 2020 Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais told Hollywood actors, directors, and producers not to give political speeches, because Hollywood is completely out of touch with reality. Hollywood responded by giving political speeches. Michelle Williams took the cake in her speech about the importance of a woman’s right to abortion. David Wood discusses the event.

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Sweet! Apparently YouTube paid attention to all the complaints over all the videos that were blocked yesterday!

When the pro-baby-killers bring up “What about RAAAAAAPe!!” I simply ask them…

“If I surrender to you the baby’s right to life if it was conceived by rape (or incest. They always throw that one in, for good measure), will you give up the agree to outlaw all other abortions?”

They always refuse. Of course, they do. Rape is just a smokescreen. Ignore the smoke and walk right into the jaws of its lies. The lie that one wrong justifies millions of wrongs.

If anyone think they are they wisest human and likes to pat them self on the back it is Rick it is rare to find a more pathetic idiot that actually thinks he has knowledge

Hypocrisy at it’s highest level, I almost threw up.

Appaluding a woman murdering her helpless unborn child by lying on a table while her hired hit man butchers her baby, (which by the way, is usually the result of her CHOICE to have sex with some guy she doesn’t want a real connection with, resulting in a human being with a destiny and a soul and a GOD that loves them and will recompense murderers…) is just as dusgusting as some one applauding some one throwing a two year old into a wood chipper.

That makes all I…s David.

No wonder people stopped watching.

Was the “Help, i am being oppressed” a montypython-reference?

You know how I like to combat hate, division, and violence?
By opposing censorship.

1000000000000000000000%✓✓✓✓✓ Truth.

How can pepole so easily justify the murder of there own children

Your own self interest??? Yep, self righteous AND selfish

Yeah, Michelle Williams couldn’t have accomplished anything if life it she had not killed her baby…gee, how do so many others do it then???

The 99-1 rule applies to celebrities spouting goodie feely verbal vomits to their fans also, I see

Years late, but you hit the nail on the head.

David + Wood = Davvood

The wood says ‘Know your role and shut your mouth!’

Wait now atheists are supporting Christian restrictions on personal freedom?

I lost a brother (78) who was schizophrene and had a generalize cancer. He choose to shorten his life and medecine helped him. This is what I call freedom. He is happy now with God. Let him rest in peace.