Rifqa Bary, Islam, and Apostasy -- Part One: The Qur'an and the Hadith

In response to Rifqa Bary’s claims that her life is in danger for converting to Christianity, many Muslims in the West are denying the fact that Muhammad commanded his followers to kill those who leave Islam. In this video, David Wood proves that, according to Muhammad himself, the penalty for apostasy is death. http://www.AnsweringMuslims.com

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Dr. Wood, I’m from the future. In the next 12 years you would have liberated millions of people. Won countless souls to Christ. Become the benchmark for ‘Christian-Islam’ apologists. Be an inspiration and a beacon of bravery and resistant to Islamic oppression and intimidation.
Enlighten and educated hundreds of thousands on the false man-made religion of Islam.
And so much more. Let’s not forget, a proud Father, Husband and great man. Thank you for being a blessing to us, for all the work that you do, and the humor that you put in it. We love you.

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