Road Trip Q&A 1: What Argument Bothered Nabeel Most When He Was a Muslim?

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In this video, Nabeel answers Daniel’s question: “Nabeel, what was the strongest argument against Islam you’ve heard during the time you were a Muslim?”

The late Dr. Bro. Nabeel was a sincere ex-Muslim! There are maybe more like him. His " relative truth’ ( “truth” which we’re raised in form cultural religion) was Islam. He found the ABSOLUTE truth in Yeshua the Messiah.
Like Nabeel there maybe many whom the Lord Jesus is drawing unto Himself.
Don’t we need the Way, the truth and the Life? John saw the RESURECTED Christ in Revelation Chapter 1 and said:
"Fear not I AM the first and the last,… I AM He that liveth…I AM ALIVE FOREVER MORE. ( Revelation 1:17-28 summarized)

What does he mean by 2000 alifs were added?

Born in western culture seeing naked girls and having fun with them all the time so how can you choose Islam ofcurse you were too far from God… and Christian give great popularity to these kind of models…

Nabeel Qureshi, as a devout young Muslim, could demolish the Trinity and other basic beliefs of Christianity in under 2 minutes. Wonder why, after learning that Qur’an was not perfectly preserved, he accepted the same old brittle Christian faith instead of becoming a boiling mad atheist?

Iam so sorry for ur lost David :disappointed: u know any time i see Nabil I feel :cry: so sad for me and u but God chosen Nabil so we just have to be happy for that God bless you keep u safe now and ever

LOL Nabeel was right about the next generation due to Yasir Qhadi

We are all really miss Nabeel ministry.

David wood Face look at him.Never give up face.

Hi Marie :grin::wave:

Thank you Brother Nabeel, your testimony continues to strengthen me.

Look at devil…i mera. Devid…how treacherous looks he got…
Nabeel wasnt a Muslim, more or less they are just using him against Islam …nothing else …their hatred and jealousy doesn’t let them find the truth path…

A-lie is ‘god’ and Mishmash is his pervert. The Crumbs of Mishmash have had more scattering to the four winds than the crumbs of Hansel and Gretel.

In Deuteronomy 28, Almighty God YAHWEH, told Moses that He would Bless the Nations by making it RAIN (WATER), but, Israel would have to worship the True Living God only, and keep His Commands, and not worship any other false gods (small letter ‘g’). All Scientists in CERN Geneva say that the most abundant Element in the World is Hydrogen (God Particle). Hydrogen 2 Oxygen = WATER… WATER= LIFE. Saint Peter said 2000 years ago in 2 Peter 3 Verse 5: They purposely ignore the fact that long ago God gave a command, and the heavens and the earth were created. The earth was formed out of WATER (Hydrogen/God Particle) and by WATER (HOLY SPIRIT).
The Holy Bible John 19 Verse 34: One of the soldiers, however, plunged his spear into JESUS’s side, and at once BLOOD and WATER (HOLY SPIRIT/GOD PARTICLE) poured out.

1 John 5. The Witness about JESUS Christ.
JESUS Christ is the one who came with the WATER (HOLY SPIRIT) of His Baptism and the BLOOD of His death. He came not only with the WATER, but both the WATER and the BLOOD. And the Spirit himself testifies that this is true, because the Spirit is TRUTH. There are three witnesses; the SPIRIT, the WATER, and the BLOOD; and all three give the same testimony.

God Bless!

There is many places in The Holy Bible where we can compare Almighty God YAHWEH to Our Lord JESUS Christ. The Jews must just read Psalm 53, Psalm 110 and Jeremiah 31 Verses 31 to 35, and they will see the similarity.

I miss Nabeel!

Nabil was never Muslim but Ismaili.

Miss you Nabeel! :innocent:

I wish I could find some other people in my area who know the truth about Islam. I live in Minneapolis (aka Little Mogadishu)

Miss you Nabeel.

Purple shirt = Masonic transgender shitshow alert!