Road Trip Q&A 4: What Is the First Point We Try to Establish When Discussing Jesus with Muslims?

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In this installment of “Road Trip Q&A,” Renee asks: “Nabeel and David, when you start talking to our Muslim friends about Jesus, what is the first point you try to get across to them? Ps Nabeel how are you feeling?” David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi respond.

Your every messages come to every languages

Every human being needs some kind of structure in his/her life and Islam provides the best model. Everthing a muslim does always begins with either a supplication or praises to Allah. Muslims hv constant connection with Allah, even outside prayers time

Its funny dat christians hv been trying all these years to convert muslims with different tactics and are pretty much unsuccessful. Instead, christians are coming to Islam on their own free will when they learn abt Islam and read the Quran. Churches are converted to mosques; pastors, bishops, nuns and missionaries are coming to Islam too, without the force of the sword. Alhamdulillah. As Allah has promised, his religion will enter every household, even to the remotest area on this planet earth. Truth will prevail and falsehood will diminish eventually

Is that Richard from speaker corner in the back?

Nabeel and David are two of the top most evils of our times.
Spreading the falsehood this Christianity is

Jesus PBUH was a human being, a creation of God, a servant and messenger of God. He used to worship and pray to ONE Almighty God. He taught the lost sheep of Israel about the Oneness of God.

May Almighty God deal with Nabeel and David or guide them both to the truth. Oneness of God.

Trinity is absurdity. Even those who say that we believe in it, know in their hearts that it’s a wrong and sinful concept.

2:45 It might be helpful to put up captions/subtitles for what the man in the back is saying, because the audio quality was such that I couldn’t understand most of it.

I am concerned about Nabeel with him following “visions”
There are true visions and words of knoledge, but this of the quiropractor, sounds not from God.
Take care of him. The devil like roaring lion search to devour us, and he uses what or who is handy.
Nabeel is in delicate position. He should just follow his treatment, and do not follow doubious paths.

Nabeel is taking chemo?! Has he tried cannabis oil?
Far less harmful than chemo and it seems to work for a many people.

The enemy is the author of confusion.

What better way for an Almighty God to connect with his creation than to come in the flesh! Praise the lord, Can I get an Amen brothers and sisters :heart:

Muslims are stuck in 2 dimensions. They can’t fathom a 10 dimensional God.Basically, as he’s called as the “Right Hand of God”, the best picture I can paint for a 2 dimensional mind is a puppet on the hand of God, and it is put into this world. They believe the spirit lasts forever, yet fail to realize the body is only of this world. The Spirit never dies…that’s how God can resurrect himself in the flesh. His Spirit never dies. Elementary. Allah cannot be omnipresent if he cannot enter into creation and remain in Heaven at the same time. Muslims don’t realize they have limited their God beyond any definition of what God IS…That’s why he says, “I AM”.

God is 1 but he is THE FATHER, JESUS, and HOLY SPIRIT!

No wonder atheists are mainly from christian families.

can you tell me how old earth is?

I will pray for you Nabeel, G-D will be good to you friend

I’m very interested in the Jewish theologians who believed in multiple persons of God. Anyone have good resources on that?

Well that was Fun!!! I went onto Facebooks “The Islamic Foundations” page (Dr Zakir Naiks fan base lives there) & accidentally left a 1/5 star rating for Zakir Naik, posting on tgus, his fan page, how I REALLY felt about Zakir Naik. Needless to say, 189 debate comments later; the excited Muslim fans who worship Dr Naik, failed to convince me what a “great guy” he is. Woops…was it something I said?

Praying for you Nabeel.

Hello Nabeel… :innocent::innocent::innocent:
Hello David…

How’s you health Nabeel…

The first point I would establish is what jesus give us : salvation. Muslims have nothing like that in their religion, and I think that the fact jesus die for us, to wash our sins and make sure we have a place with him in heaven, is the most beautiful and most likely suceptible to touch muslims’ hearth.
Keep on the good job !