Road Trip Q&A 7: Are Muslims Listening When They Seem Hard-Hearted? (Nabeel Qureshi and David Wood)

Laura asks about Muslims who dismiss arguments for Christianity and criticisms of Islam. Nabeel Qureshi and David Wood answer.


my question for devil wood if Islam is bad religion why more people are becoming muslim than christian. why more people are converted into Islam than people converting from Islam to christianity

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Hello Dr.Wood, I really appreciate and want to thank you for the work you put into your videos and debates, it helped me alot in my life as a christian. Did you ever thought about analyzing Buddhism or the New Age and making some Lectures about it?

Be blessed in the Name of our Lord!

hey its MaryJo in the back seat! Blessings to all of you.

Question to YOU david wood. Do you believe in hell ? I have muslim friends , I know many of them are good , they don’t know every thing about islam and They only want to live peacefully. Do you think that they will go to hell ?

Also , do you feel the same for atheist ?

You guys are a dynamic duo! :slight_smile:

David. Do a series on the Roman Catholic Vatican birthing Islam as one of her daughters. Fatima, etc. RC Rosary beads & the Muslim counterpart, etc. Recent popes publicly kissing the Koran. You know.

Intellectual integrity will be the demise of Muslims. David and Nabeel nailed it; Muslims just assume there’s a response or become a victim of confirmation bias. We can blame the habitual brain washing they repeat over and over. “Islam is the truth”. If you say it enough times you will truly believe it, even though it holds no merit.

Hey guys, love your stuff - thanks a lot!

I got something that boggles my mind a bit: When we refer to Jesus’ use of the title ‘Son of Man’ and its reference to Daniel 7 which was a way to establish his claim for divinity - what I don’t quite understand is this: How could the Jewish monotheist prophet Daniel and his audience have possibly conceived of the Son of Man being a divine figure alongside the Ancient of Days? How could a monotheist make a prophecy that made it into the Hebrew Bible while at the same time challenging Deut. 6:4? What I’m saying is something like wasn’t Jesus ‘reading into’ Scripture? Or was Daniel’s original audience simply not aware of the actual challenge of his prophecy? I clearly see that Jesus made a claim for divinity by using Son of Man language (that’s why he’s accused of blasphemy obviously), but how does this fit into the original context of the Scripture he is invoking?

Hi David,
Thanks for sharing your videos. it looks easy for you but maybe very hard in muslim countries, i appreciate it!. But your videos to open muslim friends regarding their faith.
When i watched your videos i think the prophets of muslim copied from Torah(old tastement). They claimed have 25 prophets but actually many jews prophets they have e.g. Moses, Noah, Jusuf.
I think that is the reason why in Qoran mention about Torah because they studied it before and claimed Torah was from God. But they use their “own story” to make different than Torah and Gospel. How come muslim acknowledge jews’ prophets in other hand they hate jews and christians?
Could you let me know that my thought is make sense?
God bless you!

must be the longest road trip ever lol

There is a slam-dunk argument against Islam? I would like to know what that is.

How is Nabeel 's health? I was so devastated to hear.

1st- Thank you for all of your time dedicated to guiding people to the Truth and the Light. Really anxious for your new video of Paul Vs. Muhammad. If I missed it, please redirect me. I looked for it, and all I could find is an older one. God be with you always.

I don’t understand why educated people like scholars, engineers, surgeons etc follow a religion led by a plagiarist, liar, rapist, pedophile, misogynist, warlord, murderer.
I can understand why uneducated masses follow this thug, but aren’t the scholars smart enough to make a proper determination ?

Please Google the Islamic anti christ by John preacher and download the pdf book for free.

As salaam-Alaikum (Peace be unto you)

I as a Muslim, would never convert to christianity.

I can never acknowledge the trinity as being true.
I can never believe that God has counter partners.
The God before Jesus was never explained as a trinity.
If you only read the 5 books of Moses, would you ever think of God being a trinity ? No.
Or that is a abomination to believe so ?
Do you guys really believe the God of Abraham is a trinity ? If God was a trinity in the Torah. Why woulden´t the prophets before preach it ? Yes, you could find refrences here and their. But you would never think that God was trinity , if you diden´t have the new testament.
Or why diden´t the Ancient Children of Israel or the modern Jews believe in the trinity if the Trinity was always God ?

And to believe that Jesus is 100% FULL GOD, HOLY SPIRIT IS 100% FULL GOD, THE FATHER IS 100% FULL GOD. How can three 100% FULL GOD(s) be ONE 100% FULL GOD? That is not math my friend and is surely not monotheistic. And is a abomination to do believe so( in my opinion).

Hindu´s believe in Brahma , Shiva and Krishna and they say that is ONE. So are Hindu´s monotheistic ? NO.

Even regular christians who I talk to , has a hard time explaining this trinity. I can see why most christians are allergic to the “old-testament” because it disproves their Trinity belief.

Definitely something I needed to hear. Dad’s a Muslim, and it never seems like he listens. I pray Jesus opens his heart.