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So David, As an ex muslim (now atheist), most of the criticism I come across of atheism is , if one ceases belief in god(s) it could lead to absurdities…even if I grant that,it doesn’t prove the existence of a god…I would rather like to hear compelling arguments for the validity of Christianity… Can you direct me to some material on this… Cheers

What do you think of the book “Encountering the World of Islam”?

Q: How do you respond to those who claim, Christianity is polytheistic as Trinity is difficult to explain and understand?

Q: How do respond to Muslims who do not accept Hadees which do not shed a positive light on Islam or Muhammed? Only those which fits their world view are acknowledged, rest are not from trusted sources.

1:00 who else thought the cop was going to pull them over lol

Nooooo! I choose ONE WEEK to not go on David’s channel every day and I miss a conference taking place nearby. WHYYYY! I will never go a whole week without checking back in again!

Is not that a police car at 1:09?

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have you had ever a Debate with a JEW-Priest about Jesus being the Mesia?

How are you supposed to start a dialogue with a Muslim about their religion? I find “Muhammed is a child rapist false prophet” doesn’t generally go over that well.

Ha, guys I just wanted each of you to know that you are doing a great job in getting the word out about our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ as the one and only King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the one true God. Like you said with this channel so many people that don’t live in such a blessed nation as we do, can’t just go out and look for material from different books so they can make a really informed decision on Jesus or Muhammad and find the truth. God bless each one of you and your family’s and keep you save. This is one of my favorite channels on You Tube . I know that you speck the truth and have the material to show people that this is just not your opinion but the opinions of people who knew are were told theses things later, about their own prophet. Good luck and have a save trip.

David, could you do a video on Leftists explaining away jihad as being the result of 1) poverty (Marx) 2) sexual repression (Freud). I’ve heard people like Bill Maher and Howard Stern use these rationalizations… also something on Islams role in the Armenian genocide and the holocaust and even Sudan/ Darfur. Thanks, I support you financially every month!

I would like to know how Muslims respond to the O.T. scriptures quoted in Heb Ch 1. also Ps 22 and Is 53. Did Christians build a time machine and mess with the dead sea scrolls? Did the Jews change those scriptures themselves? I already have “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”. Loved it. My only complaint about that book is that it should come with a warning, “Do not to start reading this book late at night if you are working the next day.”

Do you like One Punch Man?

Hi David.
I have read from Sam a material that proves that Mohammad was not Illiterate. Based on this, results that Mohammad still is not the prophet that would be prophesied about in the Bible, since he was not illiterate. I think that this will be a good material to reject one of the most common argument of islam.

Hey y’all, I have a Bible question. Paul in Romans 13:1 says, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” When I read that I was reminded of Hosea 8:4 in which God Himself says, “They set up kings without my consent; they chose princes without my approval.” If there is no authority except that which God has established, how is it possible that kings and princes were set up without His consent? I know I’m missing something here and I’m hoping someone can point it out to me. Thanks friends God bless u

I watched a debate once that addressed the topic “Is Islam a religion of peace,” with Douglas Murray and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I recall, in one part of the debate, it was asked something along the lines of “Could Islam be reformed, and become a peaceful religion?”

If I recall correctly, Hirsi Ali and Murray both suggested they believed it could be, and even expressed and understandable hope that it would be.
And I know there are Muslims who seek to re-evaluate Islam, and to be modern reformers, such as Maajid Nawaz, from what I understand.

I see that goal as a laudable one, however, I am personally of the mindset that such a thing can not be done. If the Koran is Allah’s literal word, and Muhammad is his perfect example, then any attempt to alter the meaning of that word would be blasphemy, and any attempt to ignore the actions of Muhammad, or to claim that his actions were simply a product of his time, seems to suggest that morality is transitory and not eternal. So I am sadly a believer that Islam can not be reformed, because it means what it says, and any if one could simply change the words of a God to mean what you want them to mean, then that would suggest that the religion were false to begin with, as its God can simply be molded as a model of convenience, and his message holds no eternal truth.
I regretfully believe you can not turn Islam into a peaceful religion that can co-exist, without invalidating the religion in its entirety in the process. This is why, while I hold no aggression to Muslim people, I have no tolerance for Islamic ideology, as I do not believe it can be salvaged and made into something good.

However, I am a layman in this. You, Nabeel, and others, certainly hold more insight that I do. Long winded as my intro was, my question is, how do you, any or all of you, feel about the prospect of reforming Islam, as some hope to see done? And do you see something I do not, to suggest that I am wrong, and that it could be done?

Obviously, leading them to Christ is the best solution, and a goal we should aim for. But, in a purely secular view, a world where people chose to be Muslim, but enjoy a reformed Islam that does not call for or tolerate violence, is not a bad goal. So your take on the matter would be very interesting.

My question: What does the Bible say about doubting? And what would say to someone who struggles with doubt?