Robert Spencer on the #CancelSarsour Protest

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On June 1, Sharia advocate Linda Sarsour will be giving the graduate commencement speech at the City University of New York. While no one who believes in freedom of speech would object to Linda’s right to speak at a university, a graduate commencement address is a completely different story. The graduate commencement speaker is chosen by the university for the students’ final “send off.” Couldn’t CUNY find someone besides a Sharia advocate to speak at a celebration for students and their families?

In this video, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch calls on Americans to protest Sharia promoter Linda Sarsour’s CUNY commencement speech. RSVP on Facebook: MAY 25 Protest CUNY Speaker Pro-Terror Antisemite Linda Sarsour

Some people are responding by insisting that Linda Sarsour should be allowed to speak on college campuses. It seems they’ve missed the point entirely. No one is saying that Linda shouldn’t be allowed to speak at CUNY. (Robert even challenges her to a debate.) The protest is about Linda being the COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER for the graduation. The commencement speaker is the university’s choice for who gives the final “send off” for the graduates. CUNY chose a Sharia proponent for the final send off. That’s what’s being protested. CUNY is trying to ram Sharia down students’ and parents’ throats.

Im suprise she,s married.

Real Muslims can’t stand Linda Sarsour. The only people who like her are clueless leftists who don’t know anything about anything.

Sarsour may not Be the devil… But, she works for him

Why am i seeing this now… in 2019 ??
Thanks YouTube :thinking:

If you knew what Cuny means in Farsi, you’d be just as perplexed by the irony as I am!

Muslims lie. They use taqquia.
Islam if left unchecked it will destroy the west.
It’s time to expose darkness of Islam and spread the light and truth of Christianity.
Jesus is Lord God✝️
Islam is false.
God bless you brother :fist::heart:

most of the country’s leaders are not highly learned person ,money makes leader not talent .

Great speach and expoucher

If you accept Sharia law in the United States that’s mean you accept Islam and when you accept Islam that’s meaning you obligation for G had you going to take half of the Sharia law and not to take the other Muslim hate everybody

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She is a total moron period.

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US feminists are cowards & hypocrites. They are just dummies.

Mr Spencer, like many others, is doing what has to be done: tell the truth about the great menace Islam represents and awaken people about it. In Canada they want an Islamophobia day. Islamophobia is simply the fear of a political system absolutely the opposite of western values and democracy. Why don’t they go back to their real country of origin? Or a muslim country where they won’t be able to express opinions but live with the stupid concepts of their prophet’ evil syndrome. The Quran does not teach love if you are not a muslim puppet of Muhammad. That is what I believe.

I am a feminist. I am NOT ok with Linda Sarsour being a representative as a feminist.

I know women who fight not to have to wear it about 15 years ago they said we have to make them wear them from 3 years old so when they’re 13 they won’t fight them they will be what’s called used to it.

How utterly sickening that a campus would allow her to be the commencement speaker. MANY PEOPLE ARE DEEPLY STUPID.