Rollin' with Mike Winger!

If you’re interested in thorough, in-depth studies of important Christian issues, be sure to check out Mike Winger’s channel:


You know, I just realized, for the first time, that we actually do look somewhat similar.

OMG you two are my favorite apologetic speakers. I didn’t even realize till now that you two know each other! Crazy, small world.

I am the overlap

Nice! I’ve been watching Mike Winger for a while. Just found David Wood yesterday!

Trent Horn is the best and the smartest apologetic. :dove:

I just became a follower of Mike Winger because David Wood said so.

Sorry Winger is a false preacher. Never cites his biblical interpretations to early Christian’s. Won’t debate anyone or bring anyone else on his show those opposes him, for his lies he spreads around

Mike Winger is what made me aware of David Wood. Blessings to you both

Muka camsial

It’s good to see David smiling

Well I respect all religion so yeah idc, and I believe in my religion well enough…so May the greatest Allah s.w.t bless all of you :virtualhug:


Semoga kena azab. Aamiin

Ugly d wood


Two of my favorites

I CANNOT WAIT for the Women in Ministry study!

I ALSO cannot wait for the deep dive on hell. Thank you, Mike Winger!

A Question that all Christians Can’t Answer.
How did Virgin Mary came over a situation when she came to her people with a baby on her hand and she had never touched by a man ?


  • She is Virgin and religious women.
  • Her own family and people are Very religious.
  • Adultery is a big sin in Jewish faith.

The only Answer for how she came over this situation is in the Quran ch. Marry , Verses 16-32.

As it mentioned in Quran Jesus Defended his Mother when he Spoke when he was a baby on Cradle. And That was the first Miracle of him Peace be upon him and his Virgin Mother.

Thank you for your time.

Orthodox Trinitarian Christianity denies the divine family, the structure to which human beings owe life. There is no freewill, love, and gender in the interpretation of the attributes of God by Trinitarians. What we have is a fulfillment in our society of this interpretation of faith in God. We are seeing the attack on family, the degradation of life, and the corruption of gender and sexuality. The exact areas where faith in God has been misinterpreted.